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With the China World Trade Center area 805, 811, to ease the renovation of Beijing 938 bus lines will adjust

2018-11-08 15:15 beijing evening news TF015

The reporter learned from the Beijing public transport group, in accordance with the higher level on the China World Trade Center area ease remediation work requirements, the adjustment since November 12, 2018, 805 Road, 811 Road, 938 Road, 3 lines, as follows:

1.805 road. After adjusting the first and last stop: Langfang - TongZhou Beiyuan Road west. Issued by Langfang, the original route along the road 805 to Tongzhou Beiyuan Road west. The new station: Tongzhou Beiyuan south junction (Dan Xiang), Tongzhou Beiyuan Road West (Dan Xiang); cancel stations: Ritan Road, Beijing Railway Station DABEIYAO West, east. Business Hours: Langfang 5:00-19:10; TongZhou Beiyuan Road West 6:50-21:00.

2.811 road. After adjusting the first and last station: Yanjiao Metallurgical Bureau Tongzhou Beiyuan Road east. Issued by the Yanjiao Metallurgical Bureau, the original route along the road 811 to Tongzhou Beiyuan Road west. Cancel: BaWangfen West station. Business Hours: Yanjiao Metallurgical Bureau 5:00-21:10; Tongzhou Beiyuan East junction 6:10-22:20.

3.938 road. After adjusting the first and last station: Xianghe Station - Tongzhou Beiyuan Road west. Issued by the Xianghe station, along the road around the island to the original 938 routing orchard West, through to the street, Ping Road, 103 road to Tongzhou Beiyuan Road west. The new station: metro station, Ping Road north of the orchard; cancel stations: daylight, Beijing Railway Station East, West Qingcheng dabeiyao. Business Hours: Xianghe Station - Tongzhou Beiyuan Road West, 6:00, 8:00, 16:00, 17:00, 7:00, 18:00, the city of Tongzhou Beiyuan Road the best in all the land west of 4:30-19:30; Tongzhou Beiyuan Road West Xianghe station at 7:40, 8:40, 9:40, 17:40, 18:40, 19:40, Tongzhou Beiyuan Road West City 6:00-21:00 - the best in all the land.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Bo

Editor: TF015

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