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The nine stage: 18148 lottery prediction of French Lille - La Liga Real Sociedad to hang

2018-11-09 08:43 North late New Vision Network TF003

The week in the Champions League and UEFA Cup group phase fourth round ended the competition, grad. Here is a look at the weekend before the 5 big league appetizer. This period full prize: 1 in the Bundesliga field, Ligue 1 field, 1 field, 1 field Liga Serie A, B two up, B 8 field or major. The lottery is absolutely true love for b!

Have a look at the Bundesliga matches, Hannover 96 home court against Wolfsburg, the team is downstream of two teams ranked in the contest, the promising unbeaten.

The Serie A game against Florence, Flosi Nor Hei, the home team in the home court is hard to find a win, the visiting team in the road is not performance, the strength of the dominant, promising unbeaten. Single 0 optional.

La Liga game against Levante, the Royal Society, Levante this season started very well, currently ranked seventh, but the two teams have some similarities, are excellent than the home court road record. The election found?

The French game against Strasbourg, Lille, the last round of Lille road 1-2 Paris Saint Germain, Montpelier has been ranked tied, but this season, Lille home court 6 matches, should be optimistic about.

B standings

B 8 games against Storu Metz, the visiting team is currently ranked first, and the road record is quite good, promising unbeaten.

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