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Indonesia will take off in flight loaded 2 tons of durian passengers required to remove after 1 hours of delay

2018-11-08 14:58 beijing evening news TF011

Indonesia, a commercial flight is delayed, not because of bad weather, but because the machine with 2 tons of durian.

Xinhua news agency data with nothing to do with this article

Japan's Kyodo News 7 reported that the Indonesian airlines flight SJ091 Su Ravi with 5 scheduled at 10:50 in the morning Sumatra Ming Guru Fate Mwadi Sue Cano took off from the airport to fly to the capital Jakarta. Some passengers have a strong smell of durian smell in the cabin, require airlines to unload durian, or refuse to take off.

The airline finally accept this request, unloading cargo from durian. The flight delayed 1 hours off. The transportation department officials Pula people spit Hattie sukaron on the matter said: "the plane can carry durian, shrimp paste, fish, dried fish and other taste of food, because they do not belong to the dangerous goods. However, the packaging must be properly."



Source: Beijing Evening News

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