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Next month 96119 number to cancel Beijing citizens can call 12345 to report a fire hazard

2018-11-08 14:46 beijing evening news TF011

Reporters today from Beijing city fire brigade was informed that since November 1, 2018, 96119 fire hazard reporting complaints hotline 12345 incorporated into the municipal government service hotline.

The staff answered the phone data for Xinhua News Agency

The city fire department issued a notice saying: dear people friends, in order to further optimize the hazard reporting and accepting the verification process, the effective integration of administrative resources, improve work efficiency, to better serve the masses, to maximize the rectification of problems, according to the municipal government overall work arrangements, the decision since November 1, 2018, the city's 96119 fire hazard reporting complaints hotline incorporated 12345 municipal government service hotline; December 1, 2018, cancel the 96119 hotline number, and cancel the 96119 fire hazard reporting and complaint reward.

Members of the public are welcome to call the hotline 12345 to report fire hazards, fire safety and actively participate in public welfare undertakings. I sincerely thank the vast number of people for a long time, the cause of the fire is of concern and support, we will work harder to serve you.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Yu

Editor: tf011

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