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Beijing, a female driver backed into the clothing store windows were smashed and partition of rooms

2018-11-08 14:39 beijing evening news TF011

At noon yesterday at 12 30 pm, Chaoyang District Hong good homes outside the L area of the traffic accident, a brown car when backing a car suddenly crashed into a clothing store next to. Although the incident scene is a mess, but fortunately did not cause casualties.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene to see, the accident vehicle has been towed away, the scene is a simple cleaning. The name of the car for the clothing into three international in front of the store, the reporter saw, the entire clothing shop window was smashed, the window corner can still see a lot of broken glass has not come off. While in the store, a room partition has been smashed, metal door door also knocked crooked.

Mr. Wang was in the neighborhood at the time of the meal, he restored the incident scene to reporters. "I was eating dinner, I heard outside came the bang and clang" sound of two, then I heard someone outside the crash. I found out, a brown car sideways across the street bar in the shop, the broken fragments of glass scattered everywhere." According to Mr. Wang recalled, the driver of the vehicle was a female driver, after the incident she was holding aside the rest. Fortunately, no one was through the car around the window of the shop was placed in the only models and plants."

At present, the subsequent processing accident is underway.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF011

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