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Beijing, and other stations to carry out fire drill fire extinguishing bus driver quickly

2018-11-08 14:32 beijing evening news TF011

Yesterday, a bus passenger branch of the grass-roots team in collaboration district as a unit, in Laiguangying, Zuojiazhuang exercises to carry out fire station etc.. The key to exercise car arson treatment. After the accident, the crew safety officer inform the driver of the fire, the driver immediately pull over, open all doors, the passengers get off channel.

Fire drill Xinhua data figure

The other passengers, the driver on the train again, turn off the power and gas switch, safety crew member picked up the fire extinguisher, standing in the wind direction at the fire, jet, jet, crew safety officer immediately retreat to avoid carbon dioxide gas. The driver in the vehicle after quenching, respectively, to alert the public security organs and the fire department, and report to the leadership of the unit; the coordination with the passengers to protect the site, and leave the witness.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Bo correspondent Guan Xiaoqian

Editor: tf011

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