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Tencent issued the "Chinese Endowment for Tsinghua report" nearly 7 adults do not prepare financial endowment

2018-11-08 14:22 beijing evening news TF003

The day before the Tencent jointly held in Beijing Tsinghua "Chinese pension preparation report" conference. The report shows, people on a more optimistic future pension pension for life, but is not sufficient, 69% of people do not prepare financial endowment. The participants of the pension field many heavyweights of three pillar pension construction suggestions that the three pillars of the building basic conditions mature, in the most critical stage.

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The pension expected better, but the lack of preparation of financial

Reporters learned that the "Chinese" pension preparation report "by the Tsinghua University aging society research center of Tsinghua University, School of economics and management China insurance and risk management research center and the Tencent financial technology think tank jointly completed. The report shows, is positive and optimistic people on life expectancy, retirement expectation, expected average life expectancy of 80 years, into retirement will be more "relaxed", "freedom" and "pleasure". And more than 6 people on retirement income before retirement accounts for the proportion of demand is higher than 50%, 30% people to more than 75%.
However, financial preparation is the core for retirement pension, social pension insurance after the income replacement rate is less than 50%. The report shows that 91% of the respondents have not yet started the retirement plan, 69% of the respondents do not support financial preparation, only about 13% of respondents believe that their financial preparation is adequate or sufficient. Interestingly, the pension financial preparation attitude, more women than men is positive. 34% of female respondents had begun to make preparations for the financial support, and 28% for men.
In financial literacy, the report also researched and analyzed deeply and widely. It is about inflation, but for dispersing risk but lack of knowledge. According to the report, which may be related to China consumers on bank deposits and financial products a high dependence on. Overall, people on the bank other than the lack of cognition of pension finance. The compound knowledge is also inadequate, lower than the average level of world.

Third pillar pension entered a critical period of development

The Department of labor and social security Chinese Science Research Institute president Jin Weigang said at the press conference, third pillar pension, has now reached the most critical period, and the conditions are ripe, should accelerate the third pillars of the building, build a multi-level old-age security system construction should become a national strategy.
Reporters learned that this year, from the release of "pension goal of securities investment fund guidelines (Trial)", the pilot tax deferred pension insurance, pension fund to 14 target approved and issued, is gradually formed as the third pillar of the pension system. Chinese SFC chairman Liu Shiyu also China fund industry the 20 anniversary of the forum said that in the deferred tax policy support, the fund industry to do pension fund product reserves, pension account connection and platform construction work for next year, raised funds into the pension allocation plate ready.
Vice president of China securities investment fund industry association Zhong Rongsa has been promoted to promote the work of the third pillar pension fund goal, she said with emotion: "are more and more people are more concerned about the pension, we believe that the future will achieve better results. Pension products do not target the weight scale, quantity, weight and weight of households, households are more investors to participate, we will continue to do this thing".

The Internet platform promotes the construction of pension

The report pointed out that the current commercial banks, insurance brokers and agencies is an important channel of pension product sales, but the Internet channel is its convenient and efficient features to attract the younger generation. Tencent in CAITONG continued to boost the construction of third pillar pension.
Vice president of Tencent, financial technology Tencent financial platform responsible person Yan Min said, "pension plan as early as possible" is really not a joke. Today, 80, 90 or even 00, should make relevant preparations early, whether it is from the specific financial operations, or from the relevant financial knowledge learn, CAITONG as a Tencent official financial platform, since the 2014 line, always uphold the "Internet plus" concept, with the majority of Internet users and quality financial products and services, to provide a safe, professional users and financial services continued."
Further analysis of Yan Min, from the experience of foreign developed countries, the pension is mainly composed of 3 parts: perfect the pension system, tax and welfare policies, and personal pension investment, the three indispensable. So the "third pillars" of the personal pension pension fund target a huge space for development, and is expected by the market behavior, as pension landing strategies bring long-term sources of funds. The reporter learned that, in the product introduction, CAITONG platform on-line monetary fund, insurance, brokerage financial, equity funds and other types of products, to meet the financial demands of the user, in the long and short of different maturities. Following the 5 pension fund platform starting in Tencent finance, the 9 only approved pension fund products will also be the first time in Tencent CAITONG on-line.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu

Editor: TF003

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