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Beijing Metro Line 6 Hao House Station April 9 11 station to resume operations with the new changes

2018-11-08 14:37 beijing evening news TF015

The reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, line 6 Hao house station for 11 years 2018 9 on the first train to resume operations.

6 line data, the Xinhua News Agency for map

In order to speed up the road construction deputy city center, with the surrounding road construction transformation, line 6 Hao house station to take the measures of sealing station, the train does not stop at the station by. During the closure of the station, with Yun Dong Avenue Road South, for the convenience of passengers, the subway company will Hao House Station C, D entrance extended southward to the south side of the road, and the addition of a barrier free lift helicopter. At the same time, the station identification system has been redesigned to enhance the service level of the Hao house station.

In order to ensure the smooth line 6 Hao house station to resume operations, the company fully judged, combined with the subway station features work measures. One is to check the identification check station, bus station to ensure accurate information; two is to the service station equipment, safety facilities to carry out a comprehensive investigation; the three is based on the station entrance location update scheme of passenger organization review station and emergency response plan; four is the verification station to make adequate spare parts to resume operations; five is the organization of the staff positions to carry out the training service station, to provide comprehensive, quality services to passengers. 6 is the organization of peace Metro volunteers to carry out training, improve the comprehensive business skills.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Bo

Editor: TF015

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