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Shunyi District held the twenty-eighth session of the 119 fire protection publicity activities ceremony

2018-11-08 14:19 beijing evening news TF008

The morning of November 8th, the Shunyi District Museum in Beijing China International Exhibition Center held the twenty-eighth session of the Shunyi District 119 fire protection publicity activities "ceremony. Vice mayor of Shunyi District Public Security Bureau Zhao Weimin, deputy director of the Political Department of the Beijing city fire brigade Zhu star and the Shunyi District leadership Geweiban board, front-line workers, fire fire volunteers on behalf of a total of about 1500 people attended the ceremony activities. CCTV, Xinhua news agency, people's daily, Beijing TV and other media reported more than a dozen news site.

This year's 119 campaign theme is "full participation, prevention of fire," the ceremony was presided over by the Beijing TV host Li Yangwei. First of all, the fire brigade broadcast a report on the work piece, show the fire brigade a year in the social aspects of fire prevention, fire safety, fire protection and clean all construction work based development team. Then, Zhu Xing deputy director of the Beijing City Fire Department Department of political speech, praised the Shunyi District fire a year of work achievements, and encouraged the fire brigade officers and soldiers to continue to contribute to the cause of the fire. Then, Tianzhu town armed forces minister Zhang Jihai of the Fourth National Award for advanced individual represents 119 fire rank fire workers to speak. Also invite famous photographers, Beijing hollyland Group Chairman Mr. Luo Hong as the "Shunyi District fire ambassador, Mr. Luo Hong warmly interaction with the audience, the activities to a climax.

Then, fire officers and men has performed "fire story", "liehuojingang" and other programs, multi-faceted interpretation of the fear of hardships and dangers, firefighters bravery, risking his own life, play in the charge of loyalty, won the audience applause. Finally, vice mayor Zhao Weimin published ebullience speech, condolences to the fire front-line workers, thanks to the care and help the development of Shunyi District fire cause of the friends from all walks of life, and the issue of the initiative, hope to the people involved in prevention of fire, "119 fire protection publicity activities as an opportunity to focus on fire, fire, fire in learning, and constantly improve fire awareness and self rescue ability.

After the ceremony, the Shunyi fire brigade at the scene set up tents, high-altitude smoke to escape escape, fire extinguishers, fire fighting demonstration, demonstration of the pan fire equipment exhibition, exhibition, fire protection propaganda car experience, knowledge of fire panels, family fire safety knowledge to answer a number of promotional materials sent to display area and mass interactive experience the subject, let the masses of people have the opportunity to contact the fire distance, improve fire safety awareness of fire safety knowledge, learning, mastering the simple escape skills, so as to further create the atmosphere of the 119 fire protection publicity and education and guide the masses to love life, pay attention to fire safety, security and the harmony and stability of the region's economic development.

The activities set up the fire forces a good social image, further spread the fire of knowledge, let the people master the knowledge of fire family, etc., to improve the fire awareness and self rescue of the fire, will help to eliminate the source of the fire, so as to reduce accidents, and also raised the region's towns, the streets, functional areas, commissioned 119 fire protection publicity month climax, the next step, the Shunyi fire brigade will continue to vigorously promote the fire "into seven" activities, with "the training" to carry out the activities of opportunity, prompt propaganda and fire case warning propaganda, strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of education. Continuously improve the residents awareness of fire safety and disposal of fires, to enhance the public fire prevention and control ability of winter and spring.


Source: Beijing evening news An Xudong

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