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The guy doing "waste" popular in the network the American media said he is "useless Edison"

2018-11-08 15:07 Yi Zhan TF011

Tall stature, unruly hair, and actor Fan Siu Wong looks like. Hebei Baoding rural small Geng Shuai due to the use of iron, steel and other nuts, making "scrap" popular network. A mobile phone shell, head of his invention collapse aid, although no practical value but by about two million fans, netizens praised as "useless goods".

"Washington Post" reported Geng Shuai

In November 4th, the United States "Washington Post" reported Chinese "the most useless Edison Geng shuai. The title of the article is "useless" Chinese Edison "the invention and the Internet combined made hilarious results". In the comment area, a message to American readers Geng handsome video links, and readers to buy his bicycle toilet". Another reader comments on his knife mobile phone shell, "if in the United States with the mobile phone, the phone will terminate in the estimation of background sound of gunfire."

"Earthquake emergency noodles artifact"

His invention of the "earthquake emergency noodies artifact can not shake down, even the last shock came when can safely eat noodles life.

"Thor's hammer satchel" is not only a fashion, but if anyone dare to steal the package, you can throw over the other fell.

"Skull difficuh aid" to rely on the force of the spring can help you pop a loud head collapse, netizens called "friendship is death".


These inventions, let netizen joked that "little emperor produced, will be waste". Some netizens said, "you dare to invent useful things and I'll take off".

Those people in the eyes of the offbeat Village

The net is called "Geng Shuai Geng hand", in real life he is a small rural Hebei Baoding, 30 years old this year. Childhood love demolition hands bell, he was so cut the semiconductor, scolded by his family.

After graduating from junior high school, Geng Shuai follow the village master to site moved brick, mud, and cut off the wall, for lathe, punching machine, grinding machine and other mechanical technology are familiar with. Then he went to several work in the city, including Beijing.

Geng handsome have creative ideas emerge in an endless stream but then, his daily work is boring. Wandering away from home for more than ten years also let him feel lonely. In an interview, Geng Shuai before working life back in Beijing, said: "look at the bustling streets, beautiful scenery, the feeling does not belong to me, nor their loved ones."

Let the handsome Geng is uncomfortable, because young children do not see Dad, every time I see him always crying, which makes him feel even more, determined at the beginning of last year, home business.

Geng Shuai initially did not find good business projects, in the village some people think he is at home to work. One day he suddenly, with a pipe wrench to do a grasshopper, shoot the video sent to the Internet, play soon exceeded one million.

One day in the network through the funny, amused a handsome Geng video called "I'm Gatlin" da da da da da, he immediately took two days, with a hundred nut made a Gatlin machine gun model.

Soon, Geng handsome fans from one thousand or two thousand up to twenty thousand or thirty thousand, and then rose to one hundred thousand, three hundred thousand...... The sudden attention to surprise him at night. Nevertheless, useless handicrafts made by him in the Taobao store is called "No one shows any interest in, the history of the most miserable net red shop". However, a week later Geng Shuai began to live, every time can live a thousand dollars income, greatly improved the life of the family. The live place is located in the ten square meters of his studio, the walls covered with a variety of tools.

A tribute to the Stephen Chow movie

"In addition to knife can be used for mobile phone shell, but also can be made into a comb. Since I used this comb is not used other comb to comb the hair, some friends said it would in fact not the scalp comb down. Close to the scalp feel hurt if you light a little, from several generations is not bad......"

In the video, with a handsome Geng bright "knife combs combing his messy hair, poker-faced" promotion".

Geng Shuai became popular not only because of his hand welder skill and creative Everfount, from his "cold humor" temperament. Geng Shuai love Stephen Chow film, also paid tribute to the video on their own. His fans, "Geng manual" is a real sense of humor people, speaking people laughed if it is used at the tone of certainty and expression, "like to chew the bitter life, and casually speak out."

As for those days with grinding out "waste", is actually more a device art taste. A big fuss, the final value is not practical, but in the manual to demonstrate the use of poker-faced Geng method, let the people live, in urban rush "right" and "efficiency" the creed of a laugh.

"Geng brother invention comes from life, but to avoid the perfect life." Netizens concluded. The handsome Geng believes that "most people think I'm funny, but I think he is an inventor." Some people say my invention is useless, but I think it is useful to look at two aspects: practical and interesting. I love to do this, so it is useful."

A grass-roots Red Net

In the past, mention of the country out of the red grass, people will think of "social shake", think of "earthy Little Theatre", this kind of network Reds often detached and vulgar. Recently, more and more craftsmen and farming technology experts, has attracted the attention of thousands of users in the Internet world.

"This Rhizomys not eating for 3 days, no way, I had to have it with the guy" and "the guy had to fight Rhizomys injuries, boil it"...... The 29 year old Liu Suliang migrant workers return to start a business and later Rhizomys breeding, hobby photography class, through the media from Rhizomys aquaculture. Not long ago, hundred reasons of heat transfer network rhizomyidae Huanong brother to eat, brought a "beautiful" warning "I see you are heatstroke and other buzzwords.

The "universal" Li Ziqi shows exquisite craft of the older generation of farmers spread in the mountains, small basket, handmade paper, do wash Taiwan, make sofa swing, shoe sole, cover the bread kiln......

They have a lot of red net selling, adorable dumb fuss, some rough and real life of the country, to convey the optimistic values. And they also, from wandering in the city becomes the heart of people.

The handsome Geng micro-blog five or six years ago, he recorded his mood: "why do I want to do?"

He asked himself: "immediately to thirty years of age, can change your life?"

Netizen "back" of the micro-blog five years ago under commented: you see, you now how great ah!



Source: Yi Zhan

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