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Beijing Metro Line 4 station in Xuanwumen will add 8 2021 transfer channel is expected to be completed

2018-11-08 14:14 beijing evening news TF015

Reporter yesterday learned from the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission, Metro Line 4 Xuanwumen station transfer channel of new project started, will add 3 transfer channel, 5 underground ticket hall, at the same time for the integration of the entrance around the transformation of the city. Strive to project completed in August 2021 and put into operation, will ease the congestion in Xuanwumen transfer station.

Xuanwumen subway station is Metro Line 2 and line 4 of the transfer station. Line 2 Xuanwumen station in January 1971 began operations. In 2009 the opening of Metro Line 4 Xuanwumen station operation, upgrade from general station transfer station, the station originally in the civil facility design standard, passenger demand forecast, there is a big gap with the new line, morning and evening peak hours on line 4 line 2, line 2 evening rush hour passenger transfer line 4 pressure transfer, narrow channel, traffic congestion, there are security risks. To this end, the municipal government will Xuanwumen station transfer channel renovation project as an important livelihood projects, municipal public transport services and enhance the management level, to promote the implementation of key.

In order to shorten the project preparation time, City Planning Commission, City Bureau of parks and other units in the planning and implementation of guarantee conditions, protection of the green trees to reduce cutting shift under the premise, to speed up the approval formalities. The current project has started construction, and strive to be completed in August 2021 and put into operation.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Bo

Editor: TF015

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