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Beijing Heng Hui Road parking is vacant bike lanes full of parked cars

2018-11-08 14:08 beijing evening news TF015

Beijiexiaoxiang taking photos at hand. Time: November 6, 2018; location: Heng Hui Road and constant King Street intersection.

The sidewalk bicycle parking recommended bit empty, not far from the bike lanes are non motor vehicles and electric vehicles crowding takeaway reporter saw this scene, in the Heng Hui Road and Heng Jing Street intersection.

Heng Hui Road south along the sidewalk, is planning a special bicycle parking spaces. On the sidewalk beside the road Henhui, about six or seven bicycles recommended parking spots, according to estimates can meet the demand of the park nearly 100 vehicles non motor vehicle. But reporters found that only the closest to the intersection of the parking lot parked a few bicycle parking area, the other is empty. Is this bike sharing nearby are gone? To look around you will find that this is not the case, parked in the bike lane on the bike and take away vehicles will account for more than half the entire lane, passing a bicycle or tear away in the crevice, or to the motor vehicle lane and vehicle mix line.

Because of the surrounding many restaurants and office area, near the point of the meal, to take food delivery room also up. Among them, a lot of delivery staff will be parked in the bike lane, waiting for the order or delivery to take meal. In the interview, a delivery staff admitted that they did so in order to save time. "You can't ride on the sidewalk, and pushed the car away to the parking lot, as the car parked in the bike lane walk to the room to take meal and save more time."

In addition, the reporter also noted that the intersection of bicycle parking spots located in the most recommended Henhui Road, few parking spots Heng Jing and rendezvous on the street. It also makes some constant to King Street parked in the bike lane, in order to save hundreds of meters walking distance.

Comment: now, more and more bicycle parking area, but in order to be able to really make the best use, also need to set more reasonable and more frequent guide. The relevant departments, sharing enterprises and delivery companies also need cycling on publicity and management of many efforts to further improve the parking situation, do not let the convenience become inconvenience.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF015

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