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Drunk to accompany a friend doctor kick bad hospital 7 door in Beijing Tongzhou Court: five months detention

2018-11-08 14:08 beijing evening news TF011

Yang drink with his friend to see a doctor, drink too much is not clear that the injury, then dissatisfaction with the doctor's disposal, Jiujin, a "serial foot kick bad hospital seven doors. Tongzhou court morning revealed that the man was the court to disturb the crime sentenced to five months imprisonment.

August 12th 3 am, Yang and friends after drinking travel, friends fall, he went to a nearby hospital for treatment with a friend. But because of drunk cognitive decline and other factors, between them and the doctors can't communicate effectively. Yang is unsatisfactory, kicking kick over the consulting room door, kicked the 7 fan, after assessment, damaged the doors of the value of 2410 yuan.

The hospital after the alarm, Yang was soon arrested by the police. Prosecutors believe that Yang any damage to public or private property, if the circumstances are serious, to disturb the crime should be held criminally responsible. Yang voluntarily pleaded guilty in the trial process.

The court held that the defendant Yang no criminal record, after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty, the hospital has compensation for economic losses, according to a lighter punishment, sentenced him to imprisonment for five months. After the verdict, Yang said they did not appeal.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Enron

Editor: tf011

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