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Beijing announced the latest business loans rules: Taobao sellers can also apply for loan business

2018-11-08 14:35 beijing evening news TF019

City Human Social Security Bureau released the latest "rules" that the Beijing city business loan borrower qualifications, venture loan loan object from 4 classes to 10 classes, which includes the network business entrepreneurs, that is we often say that the "Taobao seller". At the same time, small loan support also expanded to Tianjin Hebei region.

According to the regulations, the city business loans the borrower qualification object to apply the business loan of individual borrowers and borrowers Small and micro businesses. The business registration in the city, the city should be consistent with the direction of industry.

Can apply for a business loan of individual borrowers include: registered unemployed persons, the city residence of the employment difficulties (with disabilities), demobilized veterans, release personnel, college graduates from prison (including college-graduate village official and returning the senior class, technician college and prepare technician class graduates, special education occupation education graduates), the rural labor force to resolve overcapacity enterprise workers and the unemployed, (including migrant workers), online merchants, participatory poverty, realize their own business and according to the provisions of other employment registration. Compared to the previous policy, secured venture lending from 4 classes to 10 classes, to resolve the overcapacity of enterprise workers and the unemployed, online merchants and other 6 categories of the population into the new population.

The above personnel entrepreneurship, independent business partnership or organized joint venture within the administrative area of this Municipality, may apply for business loans. To meet the conditions of the employment contract expires and is not college-graduate village official within two years of graduation, unemployed college graduates, low income families and employment difficulties for personal business loans, not to provide counter guarantee. In this city, Tianjin City, Hebei Province in the administrative area of business registration, can also apply for personal loans in accordance with the provisions of small business and convenient.

Small and micro businesses borrowers need to meet some conditions, such as new enterprises that use to meet the individual borrower conditions of personnel (not including college-graduate village official, returned students, migrant workers, the number of enterprises, network merchants) reached 30% of the number of existing workers (more than 100 enterprises reached 15%), and with the signing of more than 1 years of labor contract.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Dai Lili

Editor: TF019

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