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Beijing "15 residential area to" drink safe water in 64 wells will be retired"

2018-11-08 14:03 beijing evening news TF015

According to the "action plan" to three years, there were water supply Huilongguan, Tiantongyuan area. At present, self transformation well replacement and old residential water supply pipeline renovation project successfully completed, water park, Hualong District garden in North 15 wells and 6 replacement of old residential pipeline renovation, replacement of water per year 85.2 million cubic meters, shut down wells 7 eye, benefiting a population of 2.77 million people. By the end of 2020, the "back area" existing 64 wells will be retired, "250 thousand days" drink safe municipal water.

"Finally do not have to worry about water, municipal water safety, convenient and safe now." Today morning, who lives in Hualong Yuan Nan Li No. 36 Jia Anyun told reporters. Jia Lao since the 1995 year in Hualong Yuan Nan Li District, not a day to worry about the water: "before using the water yellow wells, the morning with sand. Last year I installed a water purifier, or can not be assured to drink." Now Jia Lao district has been laying a new water supply pipeline, are gradually through the water, water purifier, home of the useless.

In Hualong Yuan Nan Li District, workers have completed the work shop dig pipe network transformation is returning to the flat road. Community neighborhood committee director Chen Lixia introduced this year, 8 months, because wells collapsed more than 10 days, residents rely on water supply. City tap water group immediately launched an emergency plan, laying a new water supply pipeline for Hualong Yuan Nan Li district. "Municipal tap water hardness is low, quality is more safe and reliable, good response area residents." Chen Lixia said.

Previously, the "back area" due to historical reasons, there are a large number of wells water district and unit. The Beijing underground water level decreased year by year, tap water hardness index increased year by year, coupled with the reason of wells water supply unit of obsolete equipment, management level uneven, resulting in some residential water supply wells owned hidden highlights, residents eager to drink municipal tap water pipe network. "Now we have to" back area "15 residential completed wells replacement and 6 old residential renovation work, before the end of November the district will be able to drink water, put the government listed" owned office deputy director Zhang Haixiang introduced "wells replacement, replacement construction completed its annual capacity of 852 thousand cubic meters, shutting down 7 wells, benefiting a population of 27 thousand and 700 people."

"Back to the area with high population density, morning and evening rush hour traffic jams, underground pipelines complicated, effective construction for a short time. In order to ensure the construction period, the city tap water group construction unit three project department and construction. The underground pipeline area of 5300 meters, pumping and repair of rainwater and sewage pipelines at the same time a team of construction workers, a team of construction workers laying water pipelines, and greatly increase the difficulty of construction work."

"We have developed wells replacement work planning for 64" residential area. ". At the same time, the concentration of superior forces, replacement of included 16 district plans this year, to ensure completion before the end of November. At present, the replacement has been completed 15 district. In addition, early Ming, two years after the replacement of the 12 district in this plan, to the end of the year can be completed in advance of these cell replacement." Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director Wang Fushi introduced the foundation.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Hu Decheng

Editor: TF015

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