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At three hours queuing 100, etc. can not solve the problem, why can't get old artificial customer service?

2018-11-08 14:41 beijing evening news TF017

Wait for a long time, has no artificial customer service transfer; give an irrelevant answer to solve the problem of intelligent customer service, the probability is not high...... As a key part of the user experience, all kinds of "no" artificial customer service phone has caused consumer dissatisfaction. How to ensure the smooth flow of customer service? Experts suggest that the service process refinement, artificial intelligence is the inevitable trend of service industry, but the key is to smooth each platform and a plurality of communication links, to enhance the consumer's customer service experience; at the same time to keep markets open and orderly competition, and actively respond to consumer complaints, avoid monopoly caused by inertia.

Data for photo: Li Bo

No artificial customer service consulting display

Xiao Li, who lives in Haidian District are heavy users of Tencent QQ chat with QQ, every day he becomes an important way of life. But one thing recently let him worry. That began a month ago, Xiao Li is Haidian District Changchun bridge a community QQ group main group, group authentication has been unable to apply for the city by the official QQ audit, the reason is "illegal information group". "I revised and submitted many times but always pass the certification, group information no uncivilized illegal introduction." The grievances of the Li dialed Tencent customer service calls, results make him happy.

"Call voice only reply, I suggest to WeChat Tencent customer docking. But this platform is a robot, not simply through artificial customer service, customer service consulting, I can only submit that waiting for their reply." A week after Mike finally to WeChat Tencent customer service reply, reply he said "not through the certification is certainly gave a detailed explanation". The lack of artificial customer complaint channels, Li still don't know how to modify the approved by the QQ.

Yesterday, the reporter in the online search according to Tencent official several 11 telephone call in the past, but without exception, automatically transferred to Tencent micro channel customer service platform, a direct dialogue with the intelligent service platform. If you want to transfer the artificial customer service processing, must be like Mike as fill in the details of customer service consulting, waiting for the micro channel customer service reply. The customer advisory session, artificial customer service hard to find.

Wait for a long queue of 346 people online customer service manual

Pro, there are 346 people on the road in front of you, online customer service is in the way, please later." This is a drama fans quietly at the ticket platform ticket APP customer service consulting received reply. "346" figure made her speechless, had to give up on the right of a drama ticket customer service consulting. "As a customer service is always on their way.", quietly told reporters make complaints about road. From before the call time, to now introduce online customer service and WeChat customer service and streaming transfer artificial customer service seems to have been waiting for a long troubled consumer industry issues.

To work in China World Trade Center, Mr. Hu yesterday also encountered such a situation. Because the package problem of Mr Hu needs to contact China Mobile, artificial customer service, but in the client transfer online after artificial response has been the excessive number of queues, unable to connect to the artificial MM". Although repeatedly refresh, still not connected to the artificial. Finally, he told me to "refresh, Hello, online customer service manual Business Hours 8:00-22:00, please login during the consultation. I'm waiting for 3 hours!" Mr. Hu said, China Mobile also said he then replies "fight tomorrow". Hu questioned, artificial customer service where to go?

In this regard, the reporter experienced 18 commonly used APP, including airlines, banks and operators, found that higher response efficiency of most online artificial customer service, but the larger part of the customer service operators APP and APP ticketing platform turn over a long period of time, the average in a few minutes. At the same time, the reporter observed, in addition to a handful of artificial APP online in a conspicuous place, most of the APP by 4 to 6 Click to find online artificial customer service, operation is still more. The reporter also noted that in the online customer service consultation process must be constantly aware of the chat box "how many users are currently ranked in front of you", if the customer service reply you when you long time no response, then you can only re queue.

Intelligent service can replace artificial customer service give an irrelevant answer

Eleven soon, consumers buy buy buy when may not pay attention to, either voice or text dialogue, a dialogue with you is likely to be "no" - Ali Ali small honey ", Jingdong" no customer service, Su Ning Su small NetEase "," seven fish "in eleven, double period will take the main role of customer service consulting. According to the report Chinese prospective industry research institute, China customer service software the current stock market scale of 100-150 billion yuan. The robot robot writing, composing, driverless cars...... When AI introduced the customer service industry, intelligent customer service and lower cost can replace artificial customer service?

"Intelligent customer service is not intelligence that can replace human proportions". Shanghai Qi force Mdt InfoTech Ltd Engineer Wang Pei said, although the present, intelligent customer service still has some benefits, such as it can answer those questions by the user to repeat, so you can save a lot of manpower, to solve other complex problems. But the current intelligent customer service still faces two major problems. The first is the consumer acceptance issues, when faced with customer service disputes, consumers tend to find artificial customer service solution. "Itself is the main user habits, relative to the smart customer machine answer, consumers more love for docking one on one with artificial customer service. Although efficiency is sometimes a bit slower, but on problem solving, artificial customer service can be more understanding of the user."

Smart customer "wisdom" has become a big problem. "Intelligent customer service is essentially the only interactive chat robot, requirements are not so high, some of the more professional requirements. We must first improve the ability of Natural Language Processing intelligent customer service." Wang Pei said, before solving user problems of artificial intelligence, the first thing to do is to "eat", the problem of users and data in the knowledge base are matched, so as to find out the answer to the question.

The reporter logged onto the site of several major electricity supplier, experienced a hot smart customer service, including Baidu Nuomi glutinous baby, Alipay Anna, Jingdong JIMI more intelligent service. But the reporter found in the interaction process with multiple intelligent customer service, customer service and some intelligent questions you need and the knowledge base of the problem, otherwise unable to respond, sometimes even give an irrelevant answer. For example, "can you pay Alipay input box in Baidu Nuomi's chat, this baby waxy cannot respond directly, only indirectly choose other options to get it. "According to statistics, at present the probability of artificial intelligence to solve the problem of not very high." Wang Pei said.

How to smooth through artificial customer service phone

How to get artificial customer service? Wang Pei told reporters, in the context of rising labor costs, the number of artificial agents will remain in tension with the service process refinement, platform diversification, artificial intelligence transformation, companies are also seeking low-cost way of diversion pressure service. "Intelligent customer service, WeChat customer service platform, optimize process is a product of this transformation is the trend. But the key is to smooth each platform and a plurality of communication links, make good use of these tools to enhance the consumer's customer service experience."

In addition, the law Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Chen Genfa also said that for some Internet companies, consumers are more complaints, should be wary of monopoly caused by inertia. He pointed out that some dominant position in the relevant market of Internet companies because of lack of competition due to the lack of necessary impetus to improve customer service quality. "We must keep markets open and orderly competition, and actively respond to consumer complaints, supervision of enterprises to enhance customer service quality," he suggested.


Source: Beijing evening news intern reporter Hu Decheng

Editor: TF017

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