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Women's feelings hurt by the wrist to cut Beijing Changping night police to find someone Dutch act

2018-11-08 13:57 beijing evening news TF011

Because of emotional problems, a woman carrying a bottle of wine alone came to the ChangPing North Railway Station near an abandoned railroad spur was due to drinking Xiaochou, with a blade attempted Dutch act. ChangPing North Railway Station in Beijing Railway Police Department police station rushed to rescue in time, the woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment, change danger into safety.

On November 6th at 1:30 in the morning, the ChangPing North Railway Station in Beijing Railway Police Department police station received a girl alarm, saying a friend Xiao Jun (a pseudonym, 19 years old, Sichuan people) go out alone to go to ChangPing North Railway Station, police suspect she might spur of the moment.

In case of emergency, the ChangPing North Railway Station police station immediately after the alarm the police action separately to find Xiao Jun in the area. Xiao Jun's friends rushed to the station for help, but found no trace of the girl.

All along the railway to continue to look for, finally found Xiao Jun in the area of an abandoned line. At this time, our hand is holding a blade crying and shouting waving at the wrist, the left hand, there has been a significant cut red mark.

The police tried as an ambulance. After the police and friends of the patient persuasion, Xiao Jun's mood gradually stabilized, stop Dutch act behavior.

After the ambulance arrived, the police sent Xiao Jun to the ambulance. Later, our friends from the police department learned that the hospital where our lives were not in danger.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Lei

Editor: TF011

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