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In 2020, the main crop of chemical fertilizer and pesticide use of negative growth in the Yangtze River Basin will be a comprehensive ban

2018-11-08 13:55 beijing evening news TF015

Approved by the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture, the rural ecological environment ministry jointly issued prior to the date of "agricultural and rural pollution control battle action plan". This morning, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of rural ecological environment were responsible for the interpretation of the action plan. Plan clearly put forward to reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticides, the 2020 national main crops used fertilizers and pesticides to achieve a negative growth.

Spraying pesticide data, the Xinhua News Agency for map

Action plan put forward to 2020, in the rural life garbage and sewage disposal, the eastern region, the Midwest City suburb is based, to achieve the basic conditions of the area, rural living garbage disposal system covering the whole Midwest has better basic conditions of the region, and strive to achieve the village garbage about 90% of governance; in the aquaculture pollution control, comprehensive utilization rate of 75% or more of the livestock and poultry manure; in the planting industry pollution prevention and control, to continue to promote the chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction efficiency, the main crops of fertilizer and pesticide use to achieve a negative growth, chemical fertilizer, pesticide utilization rate reached more than 40%.

The next step, the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution and promote aquatic pollution prevention and ecological protection, to promote the protection of aquatic organisms in the Yangtze River as the focus, the implementation of a comprehensive ban on aquatic biological reserve in Yangtze River Basin, the Yangtze River and gradually realize the important tributaries of a comprehensive ban, fishing quota system in Tongjiang lake and other important the waters along the Yangtze River fishery ecological environment restoration.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang hang

Editor: TF015

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