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To spend nearly a million in treatment of myopia did not fall? These tricky rehabilitation agencies can not believe

2018-11-08 14:29 beijing evening news TF017

The academic burden, proliferation of electronic equipment...... More and more children early to wear glasses, parents have to myopia prevention and control on the agenda. Previously, the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission and other 8 departments have jointly issued a "comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents" implementation plan, put forward 2030 years to 6 years old Chinese children myopia rate at about 3% of the target. While some of the main visual recovery agencies saw the opportunity to launch all kinds of products and therapies. But in the expert opinion, many of whom are tricky and pretense, must not blindly believe.

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Phenomenon: spend nearly a million for half a year after treatment and up to 100 degrees

Half a year ago, Cheng Yun found 10 year old son Justin when watching TV always squinting. As a man, she realized that the situation is not good, "this is not myopic?" To the hospital examination done, it concerns a reality, "a low, left 200, right 150." After the son sat down to talk, Cheng Yuncai learned that the original son class early look at the blackboard is not clear, but the fear of the Jews to blame themselves usually play the game, so the delay did not dare to tell the truth.

In anger, Cheng Yun also somewhat reconciled, after all, the child is still small, maybe there is a way to save, if not, should be controlled, don't let degrees rise too fast." Open business platform, enter the "vision rehabilitation", Cheng Yun search to a treatment instrument, "pulse massage, also has the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, as well as the use of bionic vision training, a" full sense of science and technology ", and stunning effect, even claim to" shorten the axial length, reduce the degree of myopia, "every day" 10 minutes, 4 weeks' glasses. From the price point of view, little more than 2300, 349, sales is not bad, the month can sell hundreds of thousands."

On balance, the process of cost 1500 yuan to buy his son a vision recovery training device, but insisted on using a month later, the vision did not improve. When Cheng Yun left, his classmate's mother recommended a vision rehabilitation mechanism to her, "to the store to see, feel the equipment sell online than those who want to professional personnel, also reportedly are trained to use drugs, hot compress, and then meridian conditioning, sounds too safe."

In the store arrangement, Cheng Yun let his son do a "experience, first measured under uncorrected visual acuity, the process is finished, and then make a comparison." The process of surprise, just half an hour, you can see a son in the vision on the table, which she seemed to see hope, "the clerk said paizhexiongfu, insist on doing as long as the vision can be restored to 1, but also specifically told usually try not to wear glasses, or wearing can't pick down."

Although each course of 4000 yuan price is not cheap, but Cheng Yun still bite the teeth, treatment in the staff recommendation to his son to do the two course of treatment, "said the child is with the eye more, cure still need to consolidate, otherwise easy to rebound."

After a half year, Cheng Yun took his son went to the hospital to review the results of her greatly disappointed, "degrees up to 100 degrees, uncorrected visual acuity and no real improvement, equal treatment is made of white body."

Survey: Join advertising institutions admitted limited effect

The search mechanism in visual rehabilitation online, the reporter found that, for the national investment to join advertising. The reporter then to join the consultation by calling an organization based in Beijing, the staff said, the franchise fee for 15.8 million, including the brand, technical assistance and equipment, the franchisee is responsible for store rental, decoration and staff recruitment. When asked about the store personnel qualification requirements, the other said "do not need any professional background or experience, zero based training, including visual acuity, drug use and acupoint massage, five days can all learn." For reporters, the staff also specifically explained, "in the store is the most used visual chart, with no difficulty what, computer optometry instrument looks very professional, training will teach how to break out of the prescription, but with less, usually too much during the treatment will not mention the diopter, but the emphasis on visual acuity."

Asked about the treatment plan, the staff told reporters that the agency has developed ointment applied to the acupuncture points around the eyes, massage with the instruments to promote absorption, the effect of "good", "experience for the first time 15 to 20 minutes, can enhance the visual acuity of one to three rows." However, the other side also said, "this is only temporary, not permanent, also did not have the God of medicine that, just to let parents see results, so as to choose long-term treatment."

The staff also said that the industry in two or three years ago, usually by signing treatment, but now more inclined to sign the course, do in the card, "a course of 20 days, the Beijing side is 4980 yuan for each child will have different options, the general sign at least three courses. Some of the children after treatment, visual acuity, but also because of the excessive use of eyes of two myopia, we would advise parents to handle card, to the store to do regular maintenance, to maintain the effect."

For the shop revenue, staff has the confidence, "the store can be selected in the elementary and middle schools nearby, or training centralized office, a monthly average water can reach about one hundred thousand."

Reminder: myopia check also institutions to create the illusion of hidden mystery

"The children do not know things, many parents will first think of myopia, but in fact, there are many reasons why shiwumohu, should be first to professional ophthalmic diagnosis, rather than blindly buy instrument or directly to some of the so-called visual rehabilitation center to seek solutions." Director of Department of Beijing Tongren Hospital eye crystal clear is said to pay, even if myopia, in the inspection process a lot of attention. If improper operation, the accuracy of the results will be affected, and some institutions is to create the illusion of the use of such operational space.

"The common vision table as an example, in different brightness and different distances and different printing specifications, the same person may measure different results. Squint eyes tend to see more clearly, but also can temporarily 'lens', these factors will interfere with the results. Some agencies in the measurement of visual acuity, not in accordance with the standard, but also induce the children look far or near, even before the treatment seen carelessly after treatment to look carefully repeated, results will be different." Fu Jing points out, seemingly more objective scientific computer optometry instrument, there was also a big "flexible", "in the case of mydriasis, the eye itself has the ability to regulate when feeling or objects close to the mental state of tension, easy to measure than the actual higher degree. Especially children, stronger ability in regulating, the error is greater. Therefore, must use mydriatic cycloplegic refraction before the judge child is true myopia or pseudomyopia, true and accurate measure of myopia. However, the vast majority of vision rehabilitation institutions and opticians have to skip this step."

Pay the crystal said, if it is caused by the axial elongated true myopia, there is no way to make the axial shortening, the degree of myopia is not decreased, in other words, true myopia is irreversible, can do as much as possible to take active prevention measures.

"Research shows that using low concentration of atropine can control the development of myopia in the extent of the process. Despite the high concentration effect will be more obvious, but the side effect is greater, so the need to find a balance point, 0.01% is considered to be the "best price" concentration. In addition, wearing orthokeratology suitable, also known as the OK mirror, can also play a role, but the effect is very limited, in contrast, develop good habits with the eyes is the fundamental prevention and control." Fu crystal stressed, should control the close eye time, by overlooking the way of relieving visual fatigue, prevent the environment too bright or too dark, and every day there is plenty of natural light in the outdoor activities, "a lot of organizations in order to cater to the psychological parents, would try not to wear glasses or less wear glasses, but this it will increase the burden of eye, resulting in faster degree rise. Furthermore, long time squinting to see things, but also because the orbicularis muscle contraction frequently becomes loose, appear pouch increase, which is why we do not want to see."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zong Yuanyuan

Editor: TF017

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