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Winter cabbages from just need to become piggybacking hand to old people in Beijing was still thinking about

2018-11-08 13:44 beijing evening news TF011

Li Dong yesterday, breaking the cabbage pulling onions, one family to eat hot dumplings, this is about the old Beijing. To buy winter vegetables of the season, this year is not a point and then store the Chinese cabbage, not too much, there are so few trees, and my heart at ease is good. Buy winter vegetables already from the season just need to become a habit, even with a sense of ritual thoughts.

Data figure

Every day to sell six thousand kilograms of cabbage

5 in the morning, the weather is not that night to winter vegetables Chongwen vegetable market in front of the truck started. A 8 point, to buy cabbage, onion they lined up from the door of the markets has been routed to the parking lot ten meters away.

"Buy two pickled cabbage." While the master Li weighing time, the old man said to his wife money side edge. Good weight, Li Shifu turned around and asked: "aunt, you got a two tree? I will put this bag." Every year before and after the winter, this is a common scene in Chongwenmen markets. This is just a few years to buy winter vegetables of the old people will sigh, winter vegetables hot degree seems far less than in the past, but the door is still at the point of sale. The old people queuing, there are in the neighborhood, there is a little far, the market is located Guangqumen, from Tiantan, Jinsong have come to buy winter vegetables in a few of the elderly.

Yang Xueqing is the manager of the market. As the old state-owned enterprises, Chongwenmen food market annual sales of winter vegetables. "As long as people have needs, we have to meet the obligation, to sell winter vegetables is our old traditions." Yang Xueqing accepts that every year they started to prepare 10 from late last month, the sale usually lasts half a month to a month, this year is expected to continue to 11 15 april. As the old neighborhood is required, this will extend the time. "(29 Fen pound), cabbage (99 Fen pound), onion prices are almost every year. Chinese cabbage every day to sell 6000 pounds, five thousand or six thousand pounds of onion. Beijing people especially the old, is still very recognized the winter vegetables."

Today morning, to buy winter cabbages customers lined up

Winter vegetables is no longer just to be

The reporter visited a number of winter vegetables sales, compared with the past few years, pushing a cart, riding a tricycle to pull the dishes for the elderly have been rare. For many elderly people, buy winter vegetables into the supermarket after piggybacking hand thing, or to see the total used to buy two trees. "I can't carry too much, once bought one or two trees to store six trees today so far." Queuing an aunt and behind the old sister talking about.

Now, plenty of rich varieties of winter vegetables, winter vegetables in addition to supply, the price close to the people, more is a kind of habit. The old man said not to buy more, always feel this winter in what less, "a few days days and cold, wind and snow, do not want to go downstairs, home and prepare a few cabbage, always at ease."

Speaking of these, Peng he's feeling, "the past is just, every year to buy a lot, there on the balcony, corridor, but also from time to time Fanshai, a winter count down, really. Now buy cabbage more or want to read, a season of Chinese cabbage to buy back, eat more than before the fine, including stuffing, soup, salad, a cabbage several eat, don't waste, gradually become a pleasure, not still is not enough."

Chinese cabbage is the memory of winter

In the vegetable was busy stacking Master Li hanging from his chest work card, the top picture is still young when the appearance, people have gray hair. "At the age of more than 20 I started selling cabbage, will retire next year." Master Li and chatted about selling cabbage in the past, the story seems to have to say, he remembers the past few years in November compared to now is cold or warm, he remembers the past but also sell cabbage from door to door to send, "4 floor, 6 floor, have to carry into every year."

In a busy year, Mike became Lee (left)

"You don't know this generation of old people, each year will not sell winter vegetables Jing son. Hey, don't want to, as long as people have needs, it must have." Master Li said don't worry is still hope, but the reporter also found that the effect of winter vegetables is not only the elderly, and generations of Beijing people. In the network, those old photos recorded in Chongwenmen vegetable market, vegetable market, vegetable market in Dongdan Peace International piled winter vegetables like hill, this is a little kid and taste, only to see buy Dongchu line, just feel the winter is coming.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

Editor: TF011

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