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Xi Jinping visits in Shanghai stressed that accelerate to improve the city level and core competitiveness

2018-11-08 13:36 beijing evening news TF015

The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping stressed recently in Shanghai investigation, adhere to the characteristics of the new era of socialist ideology Chinese as guidance, firmly implement the Party Central Committee decision to deploy, strengthen the reform and opening of confidence and determination, insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, fully implement the new concept of development, adhere to the supply side the structural reform, accelerate the construction of modern economic system, lay the 3 big battle, to speed up the upgrading of city level and core competitiveness, better service for the overall situation of reform and development.

6 morning, Xi Jinping in the Shanghai Center Tower 22 floor of the Lujiazui city party building service center, the same is being carried out jointly with the theme of the party day activities of enterprise members cordial conversation. The Xinhua News Agency for map

Investigation and research

In from November 6th to 7th, Xi Jinping attended the inaugural Chinese International Import Expo opening ceremony and related activities, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, party secretary Li Qiang and Shanghai mayor Ying Yong accompanied the depth of Shanghai enterprises, community, city operation integrated management center, new science and Technology Park, on the implementation of the nineteen Party's spirit and the current economic situation to promote scientific and technological innovation, strengthen city management and community governance research.


The work of Party building to light at the grassroots level

6 morning, Xi Jinping arrived at the Lujiazui Shanghai Center Tower, 22 storey building Lujiazui City Service Center, a detailed understanding of the center to carry out the party construction work etc.. Xi Jinping pointed out that the difficulties of Party construction work at the grassroots level, also highlights at the grassroots level. Grassroots party building is to carry forward the fine tradition and keep pace with the times, constantly adapt to the new situation, to broaden the field of grassroots party building, Party members do work where the life of the party, where coverage, so that party members no matter where you can find the organization to find a home.

Subsequently, Xi Jinping came to the sightseeing hall 119 floor, overlooking the city of Shanghai. He said that Shanghai is a city in the Yangtze River Delta economic exchanges and cooperation center of China's largest leading city, to continuously improve the core competitiveness and international competitiveness. We must carry forward the spirit of Shanghai city all rivers run into sea, the pursuit of excellence, enlightened wisdom, humble atmosphere, based on the reality of Shanghai City, from the world development experience, and strive to build a socialist modern metropolis.

[Hongkou District]

City governance "last kilometer" in the community

Xi Jinping walked into the Hongkou District public station Jiaxing Road, the first station, one by one look at the comprehensive service window, daycare center, Party building work station. The public station, several young people from the neighborhood, enterprises are community to promote garbage classification practices. Xi Jinping stressed that the work of garbage is a new fashion! Waste comprehensive treatment requires public participation, Shanghai should put the work firmly and realistically do. Xi Jinping told them that the city governance of the "last mile" in the community. The community is the Party committee and government ties with the masses and serve the masses of the nerve endings, timely perception of community residents to worry about, worry, worry, one to solve. People feel a steelyard. We put the people in mind, people will put us in the heart. To strengthen the community governance, should play the leading role of basic level party organization, also should develop the residents' autonomy function, the community residents and enthusiasm mobilized, do everyone involved, everyone is responsible for everyone, everyone shared dedication.

[Pudong New Area]

Have a first-class management first-class city

6 afternoon, Xi Jinping came to the Pudong New Area city comprehensive operation management center, to understand the situation of fine management and international trade single window operation in Shanghai city by the big screen. Xi Jinping stressed that the city governance is an important part of national governance systems and governance capacity modernization. The first city to have the first-class management, to focus on the scientific and meticulous, intelligence efforts. We must use modern technology to achieve intelligent, but also through embroidery like patience, skillful heart and improve fine level, embroider city quality brand. Shanghai will continue to explore, out of a large city Chinese features new ways of management, and constantly improve the level of city management.

Xi Jinping has been concerned about the construction and development of Yangshan Port, here is the video 4 automated terminal connection to Yangshan Port, wharf construction and operation condition are introduced. He pointed out that economic power must be marine power, shipping power. Yangshan Port Construction and operation, expand the opening to create better conditions for Shanghai to speed up the international shipping center and free trade zone construction. Have the courage to create a world-class ambition and courage to do it the best, and strive to create more world first.

[Zhangjiang Science City]

The science and technology innovation placed in a more important position

Zhangjiang Science City as Shanghai branch center core area and the national high technology, gather a group of large scientific facilities, first-class scientific platform and innovative institute. In the exhibition hall, Xi Jinping visited a large scientific facilities, integrated circuits, aerospace, biomedical and other exhibition. He stressed that the science and technology innovation to enhance the sense of urgency and mission, the science and technology innovation placed in a more important position, play the "goal", make science and technology innovation play an important role in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the transformation of old and new energy. To strengthen basic research and applied basic research, to enhance the ability of original innovation, pay attention to the role of enterprises, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, respect for the talents of innovation, the release of creative energy, fostering the growth of new industries and innovative enterprises, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the overall efficiency of system innovation.


7 pm, Xi Jinping listened to the Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government work report, affirmed the work of Shanghai. Xi Jinping stressed that Shanghai has a very important position in the overall work of the party and the country, do a good job in Shanghai have a sense of the overall situation, the overall concept, in the service of national development in Shanghai. Xi Jinping put forward 5 aspects of the work of Shanghai.

Better for the overall situation of reform and development services

The creation of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, set up branch in new areas on the Shanghai stock exchange and the implementation of pilot registration system, the strategic development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta state that the 3 new major task, adhere to promote high quality development, to build a new generation of strategic advantage when the development of Shanghai. In accordance with the national unified planning, unified deployment, full service "The Belt and Road" construction, the Yangtze River economic belt development national strategy. To promote higher quality in the Yangtze River Delta integration development further play a leading role in the integration of the Yangtze River Delta development of article to make the development of China's strong active growth pole.

To promote the economic development of high quality

To take the initiative to promote the quality and efficiency of dynamic change, change change, improve economic density, improve city input-output efficiency efforts in improving the allocation of global resources ability, in enhancing the source of creativity ability, accelerate the construction of modern economic system. To aim at the forefront of world science and technology, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and forward-looking layout, key areas of focus, a collection of elite forces as soon as possible to achieve a major breakthrough, innovation has become a strong momentum of development of high quality. To get high quality development to focus on the real economy, accelerate the construction of the real economy, technological innovation, modern finance, human resource collaborative industrial system development, enhance Shanghai in the global city system's influence and competitiveness.

To promote the reform and opening up to the depth

We should further emancipate the mind, consciousness, scientific accurate strain, take the initiative to change, resolutely get rid of the shackles of thinking, restrictions and fetters, to further promote the reform of key areas and key links, strengthen and improve the implementation of system integration, continue to do a good job of state-owned, private economy, commercial system, social credit, talent development, city management, social security reform move, enlarge the reform of comprehensive effect. We should deepen the reform of the capital market, to attract more enterprises to grow and develop the cultivation of local branch. To aim at the highest standard, the highest level, optimize the service, to build a world-class business environment. In deeper and wider areas, with greater efforts to promote the full range of high level of openness, a solid foundation for long-term development. To take the lead to encourage, support and guide the development of private enterprise policy initiatives, to create a good institutional environment for the development of private enterprises.

Deepen the innovation of social governance

To improve social governance socialization, legalization, intelligent, professional level, pay more attention to work, to see the results in detail under. To adhere to the people-centered development ideas, adhere to the construction of shared governance, adhere to center of gravity force, sinking, efforts to solve outstanding issues of concern to the masses of employment, education, health care, pension, and constantly improve the level of basic public services and quality, let the people have more sense, happiness and sense of security.

To improve the quality and level of Party Construction

We should conscientiously implement the new era of Party building the general requirements, adhere to the party to the party, strictly, and comprehensively promote the party's ideological construction, political construction, organization construction, style construction, discipline construction. To adhere to strict control, strict and comprehensive a strict end, strictly implement the responsibility to manage the party rule. To implement the new era of the party's organizational line, adhere to the political standard as the first standard, high-quality cadres loyal clean play, ensure cadres politically trustworthy and reliable, can be assured. To strengthen the socialist ideological and China characteristics of the new era of learning, and constantly improve the ideological consciousness and the theoretical level, firm ideals and beliefs, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", to strengthen the four self-confidence, complement the spirit of calcium, maintaining the helm of thought. To speed up the training of the professionals in various fields, leading cadres consciously update their knowledge and improve the ability of the storm, see the world, strong bones, long talent. To open the road to Jinxian, gathering various talents widely. To strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations, resources, services, management, solid grassroots grassroots sinking, the construction of grass-roots party organizations become a strong fighting force. To attach great importance to the ideological work, promote the socialist core values, promote positive energy.

Source: Beijing evening news according to Xinhua News Agency

Editor: TF015

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