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Beijing Changping Zhuang Village Governance: 300 out of dirty and messy construction will be cleared 3 tons of waste

2018-11-08 13:14 The party to help you do TF011

"A little do not understand their own lived a lifetime of the village, feel this is a good living environment." 11 month 1 day, once again into the Changping Zhen Zhang Ge Zhuang Cun Nan Shao, 76 year old Ms. Wang grabbed the reporter's hand, excitedly told the village environment this few days "changes". In October 19th, the newspaper of "garbage everywhere" a pile of small real clutter and reported the village living environment dirty and messy problem, Changping District and Nanshao town attention, start the village environment immediately, and to report as an opportunity to solve all kinds of problems of human settlements as the starting point, start the comprehensive environmental governance of the town 7 not demolition village.

More than 300 Sidaluanjian will be cleared

Nanbailu heavy traffic through the village, on both sides of the road, originally a full metal housing, brick shed, room and other kinds of houses, for Business Hotel, Sundry Goods etc.. But the show in front of reporters, the main street is spacious and neat, all kinds of Sidaluanjian most have been cleared other house still cleaning up.

With the help of memory, and ask the villagers, the reporter tried to find the door to take Chinese medicine hospital room, but in the North-South street several times before he finally found the original "exchanges, the shed is very prominent, now find the hospital depends on the sign." A folk village cheerfully said.

Zhuang Village Kindergarten gate on the south side, several workers are busy on the scaffold smooth cement, now the village of major renovation, demolition Sidaluanjian, nursery walls need to get neat." A worker working side edge response.

The demolition Sidaluanjian action also extends to the village. The reporter found that some households in the original near Fangqianwuhou Tin House, wood shed disappeared, after the demolition of the ground is also covered in new soil. In the East Village apartment a Xinxin room, originally built half the height of the cement wall, wall pile is full of litter and waste furniture, but the cement wall demolition site not only clean, the impurities in the waste have been removed.

The reporter understands, the newspaper reported Sidaluanjian, October 19th day, Nan Shao Zhen will organize relevant departments to Zhuang Village Main Street joint law enforcement, law enforcement vehicles dispatched 6 units, more than 40 law enforcement team, Mopai Sidaluanjian together with the village committee. In two days, including the hospital to mention newspaper reported in front of the room, the village has been demolished all Sidaluanjian hundredthe. "Including the main street, we have to Mopai all kinds of illegal construction of more than 300, has cleared more than 100, is all cleared." Deputy mayor Nan Shao Zhen Zhang Pu said firmly.

Garbage 3000 tons of new village Exhibition

Zhuang village of the high streets and back lanes has already been cleaned. Village on the west side of South Lane, around 4 a large garbage muck heap disappeared. The original notice posted on the wall "littering fines 5000 yuan" is cleared, the new post is "please put the garbage in the garbage bin reminder".

A village is home to clean up the garbage, she told reporters, because the family business in the city, some of the original packing box is always at the door a throw, "now after unloading at any time to tidy up, feel shy huddle."

Along the road northbound, the original pile of half the height, hundreds of meters of construction waste has all been cleared, and coverage of the new soil.

Zhuang village in just a few days so why "changes"? Zhang Pu, October 19th, Nan Shao Zhen Sanitation Center will launch party committee cadres, and enthusiastic villagers hundred people, dispatched forklifts, machinesand transport vehicles more than 10 vehicles, clean up the garbage, pile up more than 3000 tons.

At present, Nan Shao Zhen has begun garbage classification of Zhuang village, more than 2000 garbage keg has begun to eachhouse issued, "every 3 kegs, the village will start to collect garbage, completely cancel the village garbage site, realize the trash on the ground."

The children in the cultural square laps

Located in the east of the village cultural square is the villagers dance, play and sports venues, since being occupied, dozens of cars parking was rubbish, the villagers only in the parking and garbage for baby. The afternoon of November 1st, to visit the cultural square, the reporter saw the winding fitness equipment of the grassland had been cleared away, parents with children in a clean and spacious square on the laps, and some villagers in the square with.

The vehicle parked in the square on the left, long piled up in the square on the west side of the building garbage and muck cleared go 2000 tons, basketball, table tennis table around any obstacle. A two year old little girl with a grin, holding a small toy reporter ran to apple, the girl's mother was busy with greet reporters, "the original village even a child play no place, now you see a lot of fun to play."

The reporter was informed that the culture square has been installed to prevent vehicles from entering the door, running bad road to re laying. Cultural Square will start the overall renovation, and supporting the leisure and entertainment facilities.

Zhang Pu, for the village parking problem, the town has to communicate with the Changping District development and Reform Commission and other departments in the landscaping plan, a town park planning and construction of the West Village, "a unified set of sports and leisure facilities, and planning a parking lot, meet the leisure and parking needs."

The regulation, communication in Changping District and Nanshao town is associated with Changping District agriculture, urban management and highway departments, to entrust the design units to the overall landscape design of Zhanggezhuang streets, road on both sides of the wall paint, regulate advertising plaque, the village green landscaping, and a comprehensive set of leisure sports facilities. At the same time, the village will also closely monitor the curb Sidaluanjian a stirring among the dry bones.

At present, with a village renovation opportunity and experience, the town started simultaneously in environmental remediation villages have not yet taken the 7. At present, Dongying, Jiang Tun Village, where the camp has removed all types of Sidaluanjian 3000 square meters, clean up all kinds of garbage million tons.



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