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Beijing Changping Zhang Zhuang village governance dirty and messy: over 300 construction will clear 3 thousand tons of garbage.

2018-11-08 13:14. Party newspaper helps you do it. TF011

"A little bit of a village that has lived for the most part of their life does not know that such an environment is a good life." In November 1st, she entered the village of Zhang Zhuang village in Nanshao town again in November 1st. Ms. Wang, 76 years old, grabbed the reporter's hand and spoke excitedly about the great changes that took place in the village environment in recent days. In October 19th, this newspaper reported the mess of the residential environment in the village as the topic of "garbage scattered around the small houses." Changping District and Nanshao town were highly concerned. The environmental renovation of the village was launched immediately. Taking this report as an opportunity to solve all kinds of human settlements problems, we started the comprehensive environmental management of the 7 villages in the town.

More than 300 sites will be cleared.

The busy road of Nan Bai Road passed through the village. On both sides of the road, it was full of various kinds of houses, such as iron houses, brick houses, color steel houses and so on. But this time before the reporters, the streets are spacious and neat. All kinds of private buildings have been cleaned up, and others are still cleaning up.

Relying on memory and asking villagers, the reporter tried to find a traditional Chinese medicine hospital with a colored steel room in front of him. But on this North and South Street, he found many times before he finally found it. A village people said happily.

On the south side of the kindergarten gate of Zhang Ge Zhuang village, several workers on the scaffolding are busy smoothing the cement. "Now the village has been greatly renovating, the private buildings have been demolished, and the walls of kindergartens must be kept neat." A worker responded by working.

The action to demolish the private sector has also extended to the village. The reporter found that some of the houses and wooden sheds behind the houses in front of houses were missing, and the ground after the demolition was covered with new soil. After a house on the east side of Xinxin apartment in the village, it was originally built with a half height cement fence, surrounded by piles of dead branches and waste furniture, but the cement fence was not only removed, but also the waste materials in the site had been cleared away.

Reporters learned that, for this newspaper report on the problem of private construction, on the day of October 19th, Nanshao town organized relevant departments to joint law enforcement at main street of Zhang Zhuang village, and dispatched 6 law enforcement vehicles and more than 40 law enforcement officers. Within two days, including the color steel room in front of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine mentioned in this report, the village has demolished various kinds of private buildings. "Including main street, we have arranged for more than 300 kinds of illegal construction, and now we have cleared more than 100 sites, with the goal of clearing all." Zhang Pu, executive deputy mayor of Nanshao Town, firmly said.

3000 tons of garbage, village Exhibition

The streets and alleys of Zhang's village have been cleaned. In the South and west side of the village, the muck piles surrounded by 4 big trash cans disappeared. The notice of "$5000 fine for garbage dumping" posted on the wall was cleared. The new reminder is "please put rubbish in the trash bin".

A villager was cleaning up the garbage at home. She told reporters that because of family business in the city, some boxes were always thrown at the door. "Now they are ready to clear up when they are unloaded."

Along the road northward, the construction waste with half height and hundreds of meters away was also cleaned up and covered with new soil.

Why did Zhang Ge Zhuang village undergo such a great change in just a few days? Zhang Pu introduced that in October 19th, the Nanshao town sanitation Center launched more than 100 party members, two committees cadres and enthusiastic villagers, and mobilized more than 10 forklift trucks, hook machines and transport vehicles to clean up more than 3000 tons of garbage and piles.

At present, Nanshao town has begun to classify garbage in Zhang Zhuang village, and more than 2000 garbage sorting barrels have been issued to all households. "Every household has 3 small keg, the village will start sorting garbage timely collection, completely abolish the garbage sites in the village, and realize the garbage will not fall."

Children are happy in the cultural square.

The Cultural Square on the east side of the village is a place for villagers to dance, play ball and do physical exercises. Since dozens of cars were occupied by vehicles and garbage was piled up, villagers could only walk around between parking and garbage rooms. On the afternoon of November 1st, after returning to the cultural square, the reporters saw that the barren grass had been cleared away. The parents were carrying children on the clean and spacious square, and the villagers were walking in the square.

The vehicles parked on the square were driven away, and over 2000 tons of construction waste and muck were piled up on the west side of the square for a long time. There was no obstacle around the basketball stand and table tennis table. A two year old girl was grinning, holding a toy apple and running to the reporter. The girl's mother was busy greeting the reporter. "There is no place for a child to play in the village. Now you see how happy she is."

Reporters learned that the cultural square has installed gates to prevent vehicles from entering, and roads damaged by vehicles must be repaved. The Cultural Plaza will also start the whole renovation and provide recreational facilities.

Zhang Pu said that in view of the problem of parking in the village, the town has been communicating with the Changping District development and Reform Commission and landscaping departments, and plans to build a town park in the west of the village. "Unified sports and leisure facilities should be set up, and a parking lot should be planned to meet the needs of villagers for recreation and parking."

In this regulation, Changping District and Nanshao town also communicated with the relevant departments such as agriculture, urban management and roads in Changping District, and commissioned the design units to carry out the overall landscape design of the streets and lanes, to paint the walls on both sides of the road, to standardize the advertising plaque, to beautify and beautify the whole village, and to set up sports and leisure facilities in a comprehensive way. At the same time, the village will also closely monitor and curb the resurgence of private building.

At present, combined with the opportunity and experience of Zhang Ge Zhuang village renovation, the whole town has started environmental renovation in 7 villages that have not yet been demolished. Up to now, the villages such as Jiang Tun, Dongying and ho Ying have demolished and built up 3000 square meters of private buildings to clean up more than 10000 tons of garbage.



Source: party newspaper helps you do it.

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