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Huairou cultural relics department of the Great Wall "medical": weathering and disorderly climbing walls make sick

2018-11-08 14:07 beijing evening news TF019

The territory of Beijing the Great Wall mainly concentrated in Pinggu, Miyun, Huairou, Yanqing, Changping area. Including Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan etc. Yourenruzhi scenic spots, also have Jiankou, Huanghuacheng not less developed in "etc.". For hundreds of years in the past, the the Great Wall after the wind and rain erosion, and in recent years, more and more tourists climb, many walls have disease ridden.

Manipulation of the UAV aerial the Great Wall. Zhang hang1.

Last year and this year, Huairou district is divided into two sections of the cultural relics department Jiankou within the jurisdiction of the the Great Wall was repaired damaged. From the beginning of last month, the district and the city's first start of comprehensive investigation without development, repair the Great Wall, the investigators had used drones, laser rangefinder and other high-tech equipment; also at the physical, with each foot section of the wall, each tower climb, inspection and records of disease consultation, repair method. As of now, they were found in urgent need of rescue after 10, the Great Wall wall 3. The day before yesterday, the reporter to follow the investigation personnel to participate in a "examination of the the Great Wall".

UAV laser rangefinder Qi battle

11 at the beginning of the month, the temperature of Beijing city at about 3 degrees. In Huairou Bohai Town, at the foot of the Great Wall of hazel village in the morning, the temperature has dropped to below zero. A burst of wind into the valley, has put on the jackets reporters still feel cold. 9 in the morning to investigators assembled under the the Great Wall. The reporter saw the the Great Wall renovation and construction technology for designer Zhao Peng Cheng Yongmao, "they are our foreign aid please experts, full participation in the" physical ", this disease of the Great Wall and the future renovation will have a clearer grasp." Huairou Heritage Management Director Zhang Tong told reporters.

To discuss the best path to climb the Great Wall in other investigation team, Zhao Peng found a relatively flat land, open the bag, take out a four rotor uav. After the operation, the UAV into the sky, along the winding ups and downs of the the Great Wall flying high, fly to 400 meters from the ground. In a moment, in the back to shoot pictures, around the the Great Wall majestic are displayed. Zhao Peng while manipulating UAV movements along the Great Wall flight, side set up automatic camera program 5 seconds a.

"By UAV, we not only can be seen from above, to fully grasp the damage status of it, but also to some human can not reach the dangerous wall for a close look." He said, these are helpful to make the examination more accurate. In addition, the UAV aerial accumulated data, the 3D digital model of the future also contributes to the establishment of the Great Wall, to provide the data for research, academic repair.

On the ground, investigators took out another artifact - laser rangefinder, began measuring the the Great Wall radio broadcasts. The range of the largest effective measurement range up to 80 meters, 3 measurement accuracy up to the decimal point, can measure latitude and longitude and altitude, also contribute to the accurate examination of the the Great Wall.

The highest point of the enemy in ruins

After cracking damage records. Zhang hang1.

Huairou district is numbered on each tower in the Great Wall, from 001 to 284. Hazel valley section of the Great Wall is mainly from No. 205 to No. 199 enemy enemy units. Among them, No. 205, No. 204 enemy units together to form large hazel Valley mark, then here is an important channel connecting inside and outside the Great Wall, there were guarded, is also the starting point of the Great Wall "physical examination".

The inspectors soon found a problem, at the bottom of the big hazel Valley gateway No. 204 East Barbican has collapsed, dozens of pieces of stone take wings to itself. The outside of the gateway arch, should be high specification 5 voucher no volt, but now only four tickets V, the rest of the masonry, or damaged, or simply have disappear without a trace. "We know that with the villagers near the investigation, should be a lot of years ago, was the local people used to take the construction of water conservancy facilities." Huairou district administration of cultural relics of Wang Yu explained, at present this mark damage enemy units has been more serious, if unchecked, will not be long before the whole tower will collapse.

From the 204 towers along the wall to the East has been climbing, the inspectors found that this section of the wall of the Great Wall also appeared different degrees of disease: the wall to the director of the mountain and some other unknown grass roots have been cut into the wall. "In early spring and late autumn season this year, we can climb the Great Wall to see the disease situation, in summer, lush vegetation, almost able to wrap up the the Great Wall, almost can't do anything." Cheng Yongmao introduction.

Over millions of steep climb to the top of the 200 section of the Great Wall, the enemy units, everyone has been panting. Here the enemy, almost in ruins, "here has become the site, no way to repair, to put it into a non original appearance is false, lost the original meaning of cultural relics protection." Cheng Yongmao said.

Check the edge "condition" edge "evolution"

Inspection personnel to patrol the heights along the wall. Zhang hang1.

We began to climb the Great Wall from 9 in the morning, at noon on the mineral water to eat bread even lunch, wait until the down time is close to 4 p.m.. The middle road passing number of serious collapse of steep walls, everyone is helped each other, even sitting forward slowly. "From the beginning of last month, every time the" physical "are so over." Wang Yu told reporters.

Reporters noted that the Great Wall is not only to "physical" check "condition", but also "prescription". For example, in 202, the enemy, the inspectors found that the enemy has been sinking, drum flash based exterior wall, wall cracking has reached the maximum amplitude of about 10 cm, "must be repaired as soon as possible". Everyone on the wall immediately began to discuss renovation measures. According to the basic principles of the Great Wall repair, repair must be minimal intervention, eliminate hidden dangers, do not change the cultural status quo, the original, the original structure of raw materials, and keep the original process. Repair experienced Cheng Yongmao told reporters that the tower maintenance needs to channel on the north side of the hoop reinforcement, the outer wall collapse trend to "pull".

The collapse of the stone 204, Cheng Yongmao think through the enemy, the collapse of masonry, stone wall to collapse, the collapse of masonry rubble masonry to return for repairs. In addition to the wall of trees weeds also can be used as appropriate for cleaning, to facilitate drainage, water storage wall leads to eradication of freeze up risks.

Cheng Yongmao bluntly, repair this section of the Great Wall is more difficult than we build nock. Here is the area of water shortage, the water demand from the bottom of the hill, the pipeline needs re laying, unlike nock, has established a set of security facilities at the foot of the hillside, "here the collapse of many places, there are certain risk." He said.

Don't climb the Great Wall wild appeal to tourists

Huairou Heritage Management Director Zhang Tong told reporters, Huairou the Great Wall the Great Wall the essence of "national the Great Wall in Beijing, the Great Wall in Beijing to see Huairou". Huairou the Great Wall is the construction of Beijing the Great Wall culture is an important part of the. She said the investigation of third national the Great Wall resources in 2006, Huairou district investigation was performed on the territory of 65.4 kilometers of the Great Wall, the Great Wall and the basic data to establish archives. This is mainly to find out the the Great Wall "cause", "convenient to carry out treatment".

She said, in addition to a small part of the the Great Wall has been strengthening emergency repairs, the vast majority of the Great Wall has not been repaired. In recent years, due to more visitors climbing wild the Great Wall, together with the old, damaged increasing trend, the urgent need to further thoroughly. Based on this, the Huairou cultural relics management of the city's first the Great Wall to carry out a detailed investigation, the investigation focused on the development, not repair and more visitors to climb the Great Wall. The survey invited experts in ancient architecture and design experts together to complete the repair site, find the the Great Wall scene disease, preliminary design, puts forward the minimum intervention, does not change the situation of cultural relics strengtherning, let the Great Wall no longer continue to damage.

The reporter understands, the the Great Wall to the "physical" starting in mid October, "the Great Wall medical" mainly concentrated in the Huairou area, Bohai Town, nine River town Yanqi Town, a total length of 35 km. As of press time, nine of the the Great Wall and the Bohai River town of all parts of the town of the Great Wall has been completed "physical examination", were found in urgent need of rescue after 10, the Great Wall wall 3. "Until the work is finished, we will be in accordance with the order of priority, to design to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of cultural relics, for the time of rescue and reinforcement." Zhang Tong said. In addition, the cultural relics department called for special visitors do not climb wild the Great Wall; disorderly climb not only is very dangerous, it is easy to damage our ancestors left the historical and cultural heritage.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Hang photo

Editor: TF019

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