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The Beijing ban heating start: once in advance of firewood lighter ignition, now just a button

2018-11-08 14:08 beijing evening news TF019

"The normal index." 9 yesterday morning, sitting in front of the display of technical personnel carefully staring at the above figure. It is not a ordinary computer monitor, is a row of cabinet components, people dressed in blue overalls and everyone keep many figures and diagrams, lest one index of sudden problems.

Cao Lifeng in the new boiler and console work

"Good - ignition." The order, Cao Lifeng pressed the button. The whole room instantly Jingde only computer fan. This is not a satellite launch rocket, but the winter before the start of the Beijing real estate company days Yueheng Xiluoyuan group company, is heating plant boiler Park Siro ignition "ceremony". A year before the start of heating, there will be a week in advance to ensure the ignition, November 15th residents home temperature standard.

This is the boiler coal gas after the fifth winter experience here. Unlike previous years, the heating plant next to the open space now dug deep foundation pit, the future will be here to build low-income housing. This is the original heating plant in coal yard, coal burning day, perennial coal heap occupy here.

Cao Lifeng is to carefully check.

"More and more relaxed, more and more simple." The ignition process smoothly after Cao Lifeng told reporters. Four years ago, he was unable to part to bid farewell to the old boiler, and experienced learning and running in this four years, Cao Lifeng and the new boiler became friends. The winter has been to, from yesterday, the appearance of the cold lump of iron, and Cao Lifeng and his colleagues heating plant care to thousands of households.

It seems that the use of gas stove burning boiler

Since a few days ago the cold start test run, to the days of the 11 month 7 days is the "ignition", Cao Lifeng and colleagues have to do, is to sit in the warm side of the office, monitoring data while pay close attention to the new state of boiler. "The biggest difference is, before the boiler operation, the ignition process is complex, now only need to press a button, the burning temperature, simply as stove gas at home use, according to the need to adjust a small fire fire on the line."

The new gas boiler and coal-fired boiler in the past similar in size, but only a few blocks next to a handful of instruments, observe the flame into a glass window hole of a table tennis ball size. "More indexes all monitoring automatically by the instrument, feedback to the console on the computer, there are problems of automatic alarm. As before, the total rely on manual inspection, fear of problems can not be found in time."

Console monitor boiler.

In the era of coal-fired boiler, ignition work not so simple. When the boiler ignition scene, "now like to feel a bit ridiculous, good wood workers to prepare ahead of time, people into the combustion chamber boiler in the firewood neatly, cotton pile beside fire. And then took out a lighter to ignite, newspapers, into cotton by." This operation, over the years but also the standard process. "It's so simple, but also more secure, then imagined."

"Kotelshchik" what kind of work? When Cao Lifeng to work, don't dwell on it. He is Hebei Fukasawa County, 1987, at the age of 18, he came to Beijing to work with recruitment. "Every day and dealing with coal dust, boiler room heat such as steamer." Presumably people in Beijing were not willing to do this.

However, at Park heating plant is not the same situation. That year is the first year of the factory built and put into operation, such a large scale boiler, two or three storeys high, rigorous training before the start, let Cao Lifeng in Beijing have a new sense of belonging. Around Beijing, foreigners work and life, showing the boiler room "prominent status at the time around Beijing are few so large-scale central heating units.

Ordinarily this boiler room is the warmest place in winter in the city, but Cao Lifeng's work is in the outdoor, driving crane is the bridge crane, the boiler slag discharged again and again out of the slag pool. A cold night, he will have to import the cold, narrow cab down to climb.

Now, whether it is day or night on duty, he only needed in the control room next to the instrument observation data, while enjoying the hot tea.

The pile of coal will become a new building

This heating before the start of the workers routine maintenance of the boiler and the boiler inside is very clean, the related work is completed. Before the core heating plant boiler room there are four coal-fired boilers, now only need three sets of gas boiler, the total evaporation capacity is slightly higher than before. But what almost no gas boiler repairs, occasionally some small anomaly is also very easy to solve.

This year, the boiler room window began to levy, Cao Lifeng had often stood at the window watching the site staring blankly. No coalyard, this land and built a new building. "Even are invisible, this is our heating plant? I want to work just now, looking at the Meishan on her own, I have to do to the day, in order to move this pile of coal. Unexpectedly, I really have to carry coal this end of the day, but also at the coal yard will become the new building."

When the new boiler in the first year of use, the manufacturer has sent a technician to help the workers to participate in learning related knowledge training, stable and reliable boiler has no need too much manual intervention, it can run well. From the volume point of view, gas boiler and coal fired boiler before similar, have almost three storeys high, but now only need three; original heating plant construction area of 8400 square meters, the construction area of only half of the original. The reason is the most intuitive coal not, although in everybody's heart, the winter is coal-fired heating plant baby, but every day with a coal dust, wind back home a black day, have become history. Coal conveyor belt, cranes and other equipment honorable retirement, this is the number of failures and less of the lower artificial links.

"Coal-fired boiler era, generally every month, we have to deal with the ash once inside, this is the busiest time of the winter heating plant." Four boilers standing a backup, slag before the boiler ignition, and then put out the boiler slag, half a day after the general boiler natural cooling, the workers would climb in a clean. "In order to save time, not boiler cool, but there is still very hot, we go out wearing a vest pants, when you follow the water out."

There is a big chimney. Now I think big chimney heating plant, it is a sign of nancheng." Nearly 80 meter high chimney more than 20 storey residential building in Majiabao district. The chimney is not only a landmark, is a monument to the workers in mind, there are strange residents around heating plant location, we always readily to the root in the vicinity of a station will be able to see the big chimney.

Before the big chimney.

The heating period, Beijing will spend the new year and Spring Festival two festival, Cao Lifeng entered the heating plant, this 31 years have not played at home at the age of. After several years of operating experience accumulated, heating plant more and more human to save, "in the past a class needs four people, also need three seasonal workers. This year a class only needs two values, the degree of automation is too high."

He is quite a few workers Miss New Year's Eve night sitting before the window from the boiler, staring at the fire and enjoy the day of instant noodles, if workers bring home dumplings, unit leaders call up the line condolences together, cook something to eat, it would be more wonderful new year's Eve.

The four leap in boiler room

"Such as Cao master 'four veterans' in here but a baby." Heating plant deputy manager Du Min said, "we here have several similar qualifications and Cao master teacher, now with the company to expand the business, received a lot of old boiler room units, chefs scattered around, also are the main technology."

The Du Min said the "four dynasties" refers to the central heating concept has appeared, many technological innovation park heating plant at. In 1987, the heating plant boiler procurement was the most advanced from Wuxi, and with all kinds of machinery; introduction of the national environmental protection standard, heating plants use low sulfur coal, the waste gas treatment equipment installation; 2014 coal gas project here, when the end of the heating season, a few old master to accompany the boiler his many years, just like an old friend farewell as tears; let the new gas boiler heating plant has become extremely clean, and last year before the start of the heating season, the heating plant again follow the increasing environmental standards of boiler burner of low nitride transformation, here is far higher than the level of emissions environmental standards.

Cao Lifeng inspection of boiler.

After years of hard work, the heating plants from there have been no emissions caused by complaints. In recent years, the factory 150 million square meters, including 200 for residential buildings and other commercial facilities; the residents satisfaction is high, the annual heating fee collection rate is increasing year by year, can reach more than 98% this year, it seems that in the old teachers, one of the intuitive criterion is also a measure of the fruits of their work.

The old boiler workers had a tradition, because the life of boiler involving thousands of households, if there are problems, not with the residents and all results are explained, and the stable operation of the boiler hook, so the old boiler workers sometimes in boiler hands together, is "please" boiler stable operation conditions elsewhere. Cao Lifeng said, two years ago, we face the new boiler is also a little worried, and this year is no longer adhere to the traditional, because it is stable and reliable operation of boiler".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Shuo

Editor: TF019

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