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There is a story behind the Shichahai? Grew up in Beijing may listen to the old man said

2018-11-08 11:58 beijing evening news TF015

Grew up in Beijing, the feelings and life of old Beijing born. Although Beijing is more and more modern, a loop, a subway, a Chinese statue, with large and small parks...... But no matter how changed, it is still living in our hearts it is thick ancient city. Since the reform and opening up, the capital of the context with the times effectively beat up. Is said to protect cultural relics, the ancient capital of the ecological maintenance, as evidenced from the forty years of the new Beijing weather the inheritance and development of cultural undertakings.

Shichahai map, a wind.

The proposal to Shichahai water treatment system

Remember in the last century at the beginning of 90s of the day, I walk in the Shichahai River, sunset in the mirror like Lake, green willow, bridges, wooden, tile covered with golden yellow light. I was immersed in the beauty of spring, suddenly smell the stench bursts of choking. I carefully observed, found a piece of the smell from floating on the surface of the bubble, with a plastic bag green bloom. This is extremely uncoordinated phenomenon makes me uneasy. Not far away, a boat on a fifty year old cleaner is clean up. When he rowed to the shore, I asked loudly: "master, this stinking blooms do?" He said: "do not bloom, too much water is muddy, out of the question." At that time, I was in Xicheng District CPPCC members, to see this scene at the conference said. The members encouraged me to write a "should pay attention to water quality problems of Beihai" proposal. Unexpectedly, a month later I received a reply to the Bureau of parks. They said very seriously the proposal, is a demonstration of how to control the water quality of Shichahai. I did not expect so soon the reply, the hearts of half believe and half doubt. But what I did not expect that, after two months, the CPPCC received garden Bureau invited me and other members of the committee to visit Shichahai. The garden department leadership and Shichahai renovation team made rectification and repair department Shichahai water plan report to us, and examine the adverse situation along the river area. At the end of the year, I was surprised to see a part of the river was blocked, the excavators rumbling, dredging work finally started.

I participate in the exhibition of Yanhuang Art Museum

The reform and opening up to say the new weather lot, there is something really is remarkable. As a cultural city of Beijing, the inheritance is not enough, on how to carry forward the issue, the first in the country out of a new road. The municipal government encourages entrepreneurs to invest in the construction of culture and cultural undertakings. A street in Beijing North near Asian Sports Village, there is a large roof style building, it was proposed by the famous painter Mr. Huang Zhou, by his contact at home and abroad well-known painter, connoisseur, collector, and co organizing government supported the national capital and the first private art museum, Yanhuang Art Museum support. At that time, is a big event in the epoch-making.

The spring of 1991, Mr. Huang and my mother met to discuss how to enrich the collections of matters, and invited me to his home together to discuss how to exhibit, display, ready to open. Yellow is always impatient, drawing a stack of folded, he is very thick, the pages to tell me, even the gate structure, shipped from where many of the details are very detailed. From Mr. Huang's eyes, I see he can assist showcasing the work full of anticipation to me.

Mr Huang Zhou put his collection of ancient works and their best works donated to the Museum of art as the basis of. In order to alleviate the shortage of funds to build a museum, he took out his savings, overcome all kinds of difficulties in the construction of service to public welfare undertakings, opened a new chapter in the culture of Beijing. Our family was touched by this feat of Mr. huang. The family decided to put my father in the war "after the bombing" important works, gift Yanhuang Art Museum, and with Mr. Huang's proposal on "homeless people", as the highlight of the opening.

9 month, I took a few young assistant, to assist the exhibit. That day, the opening of the weather, the central city of Beijing art and relics circles leaders and celebrities gathered in the hitherto unknown private art museum. Huang Zhou because Tuiji on crutches on stage speech, I see he is hale and hearty, reminds me of the day when I was going out of his house, he clenched my hands and said: "I just want to leave you, for many splendid culture for our ancient capital."

Today, Beijing's cultural environment change rapidly, various cultural undertakings also like a raging fire, the generations of lingering feelings, but see the reform and opening up to continue, don't forget the mission on the way.

The Department of modern outstanding figure painter and art educator Jiang Zhaohe, Beijing Research Institute of culture and history, the artist, Jiang Zhaohe art research Chinese Artists Association Deputy Secretary general.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF015

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