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The 18147 UEFA Cup Football Lottery Preview: Bart VS Chelsea recommended: two cattle. Yuko discrete

2018-11-08 11:38 Sina TF003

18147 period the victory and defeat color quiz group phase 4 Europa round of the tournament, winning color. Any 9 sale 11/08 23:00, 11/09 10:00 design award. Europa group phase a total of 12 teams, four teams and two round of the six round match, the top two qualify for the playoffs. The Europa team brought together the elite League quasi strong, but there is a great gap between the strength, there are three will make reference to the strength of the team and qualify the situation end show entirely, with race format pondering team spot war. The winning color fundamental strength against more, Europe refers to the nine field support disc half / above the market, even if there are potential false matches, there is still some room for selection of bile. If the result is more suitable for small and medium-sized funds, Bo hit the first prize winner.

Morata Xinhua / Reuters

Bart [white ultra 1] ten games 7 wins and 3 losses record well, but Europa group phase 1 wins and 2 losses only accumulates 3 points ranked bottom, home court battle tying 1-4 lost to Thessaloniki; Chelsea [Premier 2] season 16 games 13 wins, 3 unbeaten, Europa group phase three wins product 9 points from the top, the first round away a ball victory over Thessaloniki in 1-0. The first round encounter by Bart twice lost 1-3 away. Europe refers to 99 with an average of 7.81 down 4.60 or 1.39 disc guest let a ball / ball half high water dish 0.98 potential guide. William Hill 7.00 4.75 1.42 and 8.00 4.40: 1.40 = Libo: a guest to the evacuation of Shengping discrete chips. Radio 0 lottery.

Source: Sina

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