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The van out of control into the Hand-Pulled Noodle stalls Beijing auxiliary police Zhang Wenkang move scared silly teammate

2018-11-08 11:43 beijing evening news TF015

A van out of control into the market Hand-Pulled Noodle stalls, stalls are eating on the Xiaowuji police station auxiliary Zhang Wenkang just to dodge, because after the child's crying stopped. In order to save a mother and son, Zhang Wenkang think twice, rushed to the body against the van's front, was launched three meters before it stopped the car. This morning, the reporter saw Zhang Wenkang in a small police station, he recalls, "when we scared silly, I didn't react when I was in the rescue." It is reported that the driver was a novice, after the incident, claiming the wrong throttle when the car brakes.

26 year old Zhang Wenkang is Shanxi people, do auxiliary for 8 years in a small police station, is the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch police station in Xiaowuji handler.

This year 10 month 12 days, Zhang Wenkang rest. In the morning he and his partner Li Jinlin two people go shopping together, the day is near the police station once a week to catch up with the big sets, when coming back, Zhang Wenkang with a partner in the bazaar on an open-air stalls to eat lunch Hand-Pulled Noodle.

Just sit down for two minutes, Zhang Wenkang heard someone shouting "car". He looked up and saw a van in a few tables and turned the next bittern stalls, and hit off the trunk of a van driver, scared, and ran to a dozen stalls Hand-Pulled Noodle rushed.

The car rushed to the front, Zhang Wenkang and her partner over reaction, hurried to run. He heard behind came the cries of children at this time. Zhang Wenkang turned around and saw a table next to a mother holding a child, the child was in his mother's arms crying.

Zhang Wenkang think twice, a reentry, rushed back instinctively with his body to the van, so Zhang Wenkang was a 3 meter out of the roof.

The van was an isolated pier stuck before it stopped, Zhang Wenkang the people hung in front of the right side, holding the child's mother was behind him less than 15 cm distance, has scared slumped on the ground.

"Everyone was scared silly, I didn't react when I was in the rescue. Later, my partner ran over and thought I didn't escape was hit by a car." Recalled the scene at that time, Zhang Wenkang and a little scared.

Until the arm is swollen, Zhang Wenkang just feel pain. After diagnosis, Zhang Wenkang's right arm and right leg was scratched, fortunately no serious problem.

According to the reporter, the driver surnamed Zhao, about more than 50 years old, is a "capital novice". Zhao obtained a driver's license for nearly a decade, but has not opened the car. The day he was the driver of the van is borrowed from friends, is to "practice".

After the incident, according to Zhao, he was nervous because of the wrong throttle as the brakes. The same day, because the police Zhao on the spot for all losses 2 yuan after police taken treatment.

Reporters learned that the main work of Zhang Wenkang usually is responsible for training, before and after the band had fifteen dogs, six. About saving lives through Zhang Wenkang always do not know how to express, but the mention of a dog story of Zhang Wenkang will be off the reel.

Zhang Wenkang said that he was a violent temper, always with a face plate, after contact with dogs, his character has changed, people have become soft, a lot of pro. "Because I found that I had that set (horizontal) on it (dogs) does not work, I can only tell the truth (dogs)." Zhang Wenkang joked that the dog brought him down.

8 years of work, Zhang Wenkang dogs participated in hundreds of arrests. Last year, he was involved in the arrest of a series of smashed cars stolen suspects, suspects by police over the wall to escape down to the ground, Zhang Wenkang also won a three.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Lei

Editor: TF015

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