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9 year old children ride after the lights crashed leaving a note praised mother bear

2018-11-08 11:36 beijing evening news TF011

The car was scratched, it is annoying, but a Mr. Li Shandong Zhangdian not only did not upset, also praised treatment on the other side is plus. Many users of the practice of parents also have to point praise.

"Hello, I'm very sorry, children bike, hit your car, the rear light touch is broken, so I came back not to see the owner, please call you, then give you consultation. Naughty children." It happened in Zhangdian area in the courtyard, when the owner Lee saw the note on these contents, instead of getting angry, still feel very warm heart.

Owner Lee told reporters: "when I saw this piece of paper was a bit unexpected, if some people touch you can go. This thing the adults do, set an example for the children."

The reporter contacted Ms. Su notes. She said, the child is 9 years old this year, riding a bicycle in the District, accidentally crashed after the lights of Mr. lee. MS immediately went to the site of the incident, so for a while, the owner has not come, then write a note. "The note on my phone, then I would stick to the lamp." Miss Su said, "in this matter, the child is an educational opportunity, let he had a correct value, first of all from the integrity and honesty of this play." Miss Su said. According to Qilu network



Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: tf011

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