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The latest Beijing weather forecast: cold air strikes and quickly seize the fine weekend tours red tail

2018-11-08 11:27 beijing evening news TF015

Today the city more cloud in the sky, the diffusion conditions in general, visibility and air quality over the previous few days of decline. If the diffusion conditions remain unfavorable, develop or haze, but cold air arrived tonight, after midnight today until tomorrow, there is a strong cold air south of the capital, then ground up to 4 degrees around the north, superior diffusion conditions, thoroughly improve the visibility and air quality. The sky was clear and sunny tomorrow, fresh air, just north of the ground slightly larger, wind effect is more obvious.

A red map, Liu Ping photo

By cold air influence subsequent, weekend between the date of the capital is still mainly to fine weather, the diffusion condition is good, sunny, sunny and bright, ground wind is not very conducive to the holiday travel. The city has entered the stage of ornamental leaves, tomorrow will wind scraping part of leaves, leaves number is decreasing, so interested friends can choose this week during the weekend to watch the final scene.

Although the next three days are sunny weather, but the weather is dry, especially in winter and frequent fires season. To remind the public friends pay attention to dryness at the same time, the need to enhance the awareness of fire prevention, pay attention to the use of fire and electrical safety, especially the old district circuit aging, the need for timely maintenance and replacement, eliminating the fire hazard. In addition, continued dry weather, forest fire danger rating is high, please put an end to all Yewaiyonghuo, to prevent forest fires.

Source: Beijing evening news Jiao Ling

Editor: TF015

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