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The 7 computer classroom with currency speculation "mining" school teacher found soaring electricity

2018-11-08 11:24 beijing evening news TF011

From the beginning of last 7 months, Chenzhou city Jiahe County Pu man sent waves of middle school audio-visual education room was noisy roar of the machine, the school of electricity is soaring. The teacher found out, arch-criminal is audio-visual indoor 7 high-power computer.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency Zhu Huiqing

Originally, the 7 computer is president Lei Hua, known as the "mill". He had to put the computer in the school teaching room, is to use the network of schools, schools for free use of power coin mining, Ethernet for personal gain. Vice President Wang Zhipeng often heard Leihua said the etheric "mining" money, ready to coin, also bought a computer, to coin mining using power ethernet". Recently, the school has been removed from the two Vice Principals, Party warning and other sanctions.

Jiahe County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline inspection group stationed in the county office staff Ceng Zheng introduced, June 2017, Leihua wife's cousin came to his home, introduced the "coins" this money project. "Leihua 'dig' is similar to bitcoin Ethernet is the network virtual currency, digital currency, mainly through the" mining "with professional chip computer, through a specific algorithm for a large number of operations to obtain money to burn graphics mode ethernet. This virtual currency renminbi through overseas platform."

It is reported that from July 2017 to July 2018, the 8 "mill" produced a total of 14714 yuan electricity, all in school.. Jiahe County Commission for Discipline Inspection in the County Office of the discipline inspection team leader Li Zhaojun said, "through accounting," Wang Zhipeng coin machine using Ethernet "electricity 2444 yuan, the electricity is all in the school reimbursement." According to the Xiaoxiang Morning News


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: tf011

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