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Beijing Dongcheng chased the delivery point to carry out law enforcement inspection remediation Luantingluanfang phenomenon

2018-11-08 11:17 beijing evening news TF015

With the electricity supplier day package volume, various courier points showed a clear upward trend, according to some courier company operating points for the limitation of the site appears "staking" occupy the road in front of unloading, stacking, sorting and parcel express vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon, Dongcheng urban management law enforcement inspection carried out.

In an interview with reporters learned that, according to an enthusiastic public Liu reflected when passing from a courier company Avenue Ciqikou station in front of him the morning of November 7th, saw a spray "express" the word on this truck unloading, the courier will unload parcels piled up in front of the sidewalk, with hills, pedestrians coming and going through, looks very insecure, just want to be photographed using a mobile phone was provided to the relevant departments for the specification. "Just started, he was a staff to express my mobile phone away, a group of people surrounded him and won't let me shoot, also pulled, Mr. Liu will report related to the urban management department. According to this situation, Dongcheng territorial streets, transportation, urban management, public security, industry and commerce departments quickly carry out the inspection of law enforcement, the jurisdiction of the major express delivery point to remind the door, persuasion and Publicity Regulations, businesses that want to consciously away from the lane violations, accept public supervision by the masses, to maintain good order in front of the environment.

8 this morning, reporters follow the law enforcement officers first came to a courier company Ciqikou station parcel distribution point. You can see the scene, nearly one hundred meters on the north side of the sidewalk lined up parked tricycle courier, tricycles piled up next to some of the not loading parcels on the sidewalk on the south side of a dozen dressed in overalls are sorting courier express, leaving the pedestrian only to the middle of the pavement blank area of one meter wide, and often in adults and children among them, the blind is also occupy some of the parcels. See law enforcement officers to check the courier, for while greeting others will package to the roof to move, she explained that "too much now express quantity, we can not complete the sorting in the store, most of the package can only be placed on the sidewalk in front of the temporary." In an interview with reporters found that the express sorting point not only the existence of illegal Lane behavior, there are activities such as cigarette butts, not only destroy the environment, but also planted a fire hazard. In addition, the reporter found that due to the number of courier courier more often by sorting across the space of parabolic ", brought no small trouble to the people in the past also brings the danger.

When law enforcement officers asked Mr. Liu to reflect the situation, FedEx Office responsible person said, they know that the dumping is not good, not only unsightly, but also affect the residents travel, for some people passing by video camera, afraid of being exposed, relevant departments have been punished, so he made a radical reaction. Next, they will coordinate the sorting time, as far as possible and the commute time staggered, also in the vicinity as soon as possible to find a new sorting site.

Dongcheng chased the street enforcement team members Xu Zongqiang said, because the express parcel itself belongs to the special goods, basically is to educational persuasion, advice, wrong peak express company when sorting, but if its been ordered to correct or after such chaos, the rectification is not in place, law enforcement agencies will be based on "environmental health regulations" the city of Beijing City, administrative punishment 500-5000 yuan on it.

Followed by law enforcement officers arrived at the south side of a guangqumenwai delivery point, delivery point on the sidewalk in front of a parked car in order express tricycle, the door has an express little brother is holding the broom sweep the garbage on the sidewalk. According to nearby residents, this sidewalk has appeared before Luantingluanfang, everywhere sorting parcels, some time ago through the streets after the renovation, the effect is very good, hope to keep.

In recent years, with the popularity of e-commerce, the rapid development of express era ", many people every day to send and receive parcels become homely food, but due to various reasons, the point of delivery brings convenience to people but also inevitably some of the chaos, the impact to the part of the public life. Dongcheng law enforcement officers said that these needs improvement and governance chaos, rational distribution, courier companies should bear the environmental order stores daily management responsibility, handle the relationship with the surrounding residents, the urban management department will jointly with relevant departments, strengthen the relevant point of delivery inspection work.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: left wing Lu Jiaqi

Editor: TF015

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