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Beijing Guoan will enter the top four AFC Champions League, old Li Yunqiu was tens of thousands of fans booed, injustice?

2018-11-08 13:54 beijing evening news TF019

"We want to win the FA Cup champion in the history of the club, loading." Cohim Beijing Guoan coach Schmidt said that due to his confidence, to honor the season set objectives -- March AFC Champions League. Last night, the team in the season finale in the 3 home court in 1 over old rivals Shanghai Shenhua team, not only ahead of a locked four, and the realization of the League home court on Shenhua team nine wins. At the same time, tickets to get the 2019 season league Guoan AFC Champions League, 4 years after the return to the stadium AFC Champions League.

Shanghai derby. Photo by Liu Ping

Due to the recent poor performance, the team can get back on track in the current round of "Shanghai Derby", before anyone can not promise. However, when the two sides starting lineup released, many people see the high line of the national security team. Is the service, Schmidt sent the main: Zhang Xizhe injury, and Bakambu, Augusto Vieira, "string" in front of the attack line; Yu Yang, Lei Tenglong, Yu Dabao, et al. A line; U23 goalkeeper Guo Quanbo also go into battle. Shenhua team, in addition to Ba 3 foreign aid, the rest position from the second tier players featuring "card power" underdogs. In addition, more than 3 Fans braved the cold weather to cheer the Team Guoan, there seems to be no reason not to play a good game.

"Shenhua is a physical team, we are a little loss on the pitch, but they did not give us a foul impact. For example, Vieira, although several fouls from rivals, but he demonstrated the calm of the general wind, keep calm, the performance is very good." As the analysis of Schmidt after the game, facing the Shenhua team somewhat provocative foul, Guoan calmly, patiently organized attack effect is immediate. The first half 18 minutes, Zhang Xizhe received the "smart" Bakanbu succeeded with heel shot, make the other side in the restricted area of the more defensive player of the game out of reach, quite a bit of "artful broken Jack" emmanuel. Then, as the team's top scorer Bakambu also broke the 4 round of the scoring in the first half, he first scored the penalty of their own making, the second half and then teammate Chi Zhongguo scored two assists. In addition, the team also into the opponent's goal: the second half to start soon, Yu Yang returns goalkeeper mistakes, accidentally put "own self". However, attack recovery was successfully restarted Guoan win mode, a 3 1 victory brought warmth to the cold night Beijing fans.

The victory, the Team Guoan League home court on Shenhua team nine wins, also achieved the goal of the season in AFC Champions League. After the news conference, Schmidt changed the past several rounds of "sad", smiled and said: "if not wrong, we have to get at least AFC Champions League playoffs. This is a very good result, I would like to congratulate all the players and the club staff. It's a long season, we wind, rain go, experienced too much. But whether in prosperity or adversity, the players are showing good spirit, mind and body state are well maintained, and finally achieved the desired results."

In Schmidt's view, the current round of home court pick "flower" helps to boost the confidence of the team, ready to start this month's FA Cup final in a better mood. In fact, our past performance is acceptable, created a lot of chances, but the goal is a problem, the confidence is very important for the team and the players remodeling." Shi Shuai said, "of course, the next round trip to Hebei, we will still be taken seriously, and then with a relatively relaxed attitude to prepare for the FA cup. This season, I want to use a cup to end."

It is not difficult to foresee, the super stadium has no "Guoan will menace from the rear", the full impact of the FA Cup final, with Shandong Luneng a showdown.

Super - Rival

Li Yunqiu "red" the old man was booed rare

"I took many years ago, Hangzhou Greentown team at Shenhua Guoan, have not lost." The "Shanghai Derby" before the game, Shenhua team coach Wu Jingui confidently looking road. But the reality is very cruel, with the second half of the game back Li Yunqiu "red", Shenhua team lost and lost people.

The 28 year old Li Yunqiu who played the Guoan two season, early 2016 move to the Shenhua team. In July this year, the two teams have been at the Hongkou stadium at 2 to 2, when Li Yunqiu was with Bakambu on the sidelines near the dispute, he fell to the ground and the latter make pushing action. After the game, the club condemned Li Yunqiu's behavior, think he is contrary to the ethics of sport. Li Yunqiu responded that his behavior is wrong, but only instinct, Bakambu pretend injury game time delay, he was not intentional. Security aspects do not buy ", it will appeal to the China Football Association, but the football association not to Li Yunqiu as punishment.

This time, Li Yunqiu was full of battles, tens of thousands of fans, but also because of the defense Dongzuoguoda and swallow the bitter pill. Twenty-fifth minutes of the second half of 1, 3 behind the Shenhua team will appear the mood swings, Li Yunqiu in a challenge to Augusto's leg directly stampede caused protests, guoan. The referee Li Yunqiu pulled out a yellow card, then the video referee (VAR) after the intervention, the referee replays later changed out of red card penalty under the. At this time, the body stands out deafening boos, was "condemnation" of nature is Li Yunqiu. In recent years, the count returned to the national security Jiujiang, such "treatment", unanimous boos, this is rare. After this incident, Li Yunqiu bear increasing controversy.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Huang Zhiyang

Editor: TF019

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