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Beijing two brother night hit 8 taxi stolen invoices behind a sigh

2018-11-08 11:10 beijing evening news TF015

Recently many night taxi car glass smashed, stolen invoices, change. Today, the reporter from the Beijing Haidian police learned that Xisanqi police station for investigation, eventually arrested two suspects smashed the windows of theft, two people was to steal the taxi invoice "brother rush into danger". At present, two people have been arrested for theft under criminal detention.


10 June 20 6 am to 10 pm, more than the victim to Haidian District Xisanqi police station, said his car smashed glass, car stolen items. The report of the taxi driver said that the morning ready to start when the taxi driver found the windows smashed left position, car invoices, work cards and other items of change are gone!

Xisanqi police station immediately drove to a different place, tune to see the surrounding surveillance video and found several sort of comparison, the taxi hit pirates suspects for the same group of people. When committing the crime, a man suspected of driving a taxi came to the theft.

Go to the taxi company after the investigation, the police learned that two suspects men are driving a taxi in normal operation, the driver registered and others, two of them are leased to the taxi driver.

The police look at recent hours of video surveillance, the query of the taxi every day to use when committing the crime will linger in the Changping area, and then gradually locked the two suspects in the Changping Zhuang Dong Sha temporary residence. October 26th in the vicinity of the Changping Zhuang Dong Sha residents of the room, the police arrested two suspects and seized a stolen piece of the victim's identity in the suspect surname Wang body. The two suspects were brought back to the police station in Xisanqi.

According to the suspect surname Wang, Lu said, two people is a fellow, to Beijing for a few years at the beginning of this year, they are from the hands of others to lease two taxi, as a brother. In October, two people are discussing in order to save money, steal some other taxi invoice. The night of the incident, two people ready ahead of a hammer, drove to the Haidian District Xisanqi area, hit the taxi car theft, smashed a total of 8 taxis, took the car not to print invoices and other valuable things.

At present, the surname Wang Lu, a confession of the smashing windows theft facts, Haidian police have been detained on suspicion of theft, the case is under further review.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Lin Jing

Editor: TF015

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