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High speed bus drivers to watch TV now is removed from the blacklist

2018-11-08 11:08 beijing evening news TF011

A core set of 38 people on the bus when driving on the highway, the driver Zhang master opens mobile phone to watch TV drama, and lasted about 40 minutes. His behavior was a passenger photographed after micro-blog, the passenger said: Master Zhang behavior is the second encounter.

Data figure Zhang Yujun photo

Days ago, a netizen micro Bo said, Leshan, a bus driver on the highway during the drive while watching TV, mobile phone, and said "is the two time this happened," and two "at the same time with a bus driver."

Micro-blog video shot in the bus driver's seat back, the reporter noted that, at that time the bus is running, there are a lot of other vehicles on the road ahead. The chair can be found through the gap, the driver left the air outlet across her mobile phone, playing tv. The user the 16 second video driver, at least 3 times to the left head looked in the direction of mobile phone screen. Micro-blog attracted netizens curious: "the driver that big TV addiction?" Some netizens also think: "should be held accountable for the responsibility of the driver."

Find the bus incident in the passenger station reporter, the car has been affixed with the seal. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the company, the transfer of the company interior surveillance video, found the driver the existence of illegal behavior. Monitor display driver mobile phone video lasted about 40 minutes. The company will then driver Zhang master and vehicle contractor notification back to the company survey, Master Zhang admitted that when driving to see mobile phone video of the illegal acts, and made a review.

The company believes that Zhang "serious violation of safety management regulations", there are significant security risks, the decision of the bus stop to rectify the class for a month, and shall be removed to the master Zhang; deduct the driver safety margin of 1000 yuan. "After his master Zhang, will also be included in the Chengdu province automobile transportation company blacklist, no longer employed."

When the reporter contacted the driver zhang. He said, because at that time the traffic jam, and fatigue to open mobile phone to see the video, then the video is not closed. Mr. Zhang some regret, but said that "this is the first time". He was contacted by private letter passengers, put forward "willing to pay for the fare". The passenger is that money can not solve, and inform the master Zhang: "your hands have a lot of people's safety and well-being of families." According to the Chengdu daily

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: tf011

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