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Beijing this place hidden in the alley four layer "villa" demolitions, had interviewed more than ten times is invalid

2018-11-08 11:02 beijing evening news TF015

The original area of one hundred square metres house, Leng is private bus built on the ground three underground "large villa". Today morning, many departments of the Dongcheng District Andingmen Street office joint district politics and Law Committee, the District Public Security Bureau, law enforcement bureau, District Bureau of planning and land yarn network alley No. 4 joint law enforcement, to be removed to the place of about 700 square meters of large-scale illegal construction, illegal basement and backfill.

The reporter understands, Sha Luo alley No. 4 the original housing area of 105.5 square meters. The owner Lee without obtaining planning permission, without permission will be its expansion on the three layer and underground layer, illegal construction area of about 700 square meters. The illegal construction is not in harmony with the alley style, nearby residents housing lighting is also affected by changes in soil structure and Hutong, residential security is threatened. In addition, Lee will be here for the rental of illegal construction, disturbed the normal life of surrounding residents.

Since the July 25, 2018 Andingmen Street "thousand hundred Lane Street renovation project to enhance the environment, the masses of the working group for more than ten times interviewed the owner Lee, Lee has been prevarication and delay.

Andingmen Street Office of urban management law enforcement team to perform their duties according to law, in accordance with the established law enforcement program, decided today to No. 4 alley on the yarn network implementation of the forced removal of illegal construction.

Reporters learned that the yarn network alley No. 4 illegal work will continue for 20 Yu Tian, Dongcheng District government and relevant departments will carry out their duties, to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of the demolition work.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Nan

Editor: TF015

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