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Acquaintances deceive! Falsely claiming to raise the credit card amount to cheat the password to cash in.

2018-11-08 10:57. beijing evening news TF015

She lied that she could help raise the credit card amount, and Mao had cheated the credit card and password of Ms. acquaintances (pseudonym), who had stolen 1.6 credit cards from Wang for five times. Recently, Mao Mou was arrested by the Dongcheng Public Security Bureau for criminal detention. The case is being further investigated.

At 5 p.m. on October 16th, Ms. Wang, who was the manager of a hotel, reported to the Jingshan Hill police station. In August 1st, Mrs. Wang and the hotel's familiar guest Mao dine together. During the conversation, Mao claimed that she could raise the credit card amount without any fees, and because of her trust in Mao, Ms. Wang handed her credit card to Mao and told her password.

However, after receiving Ms. Wang's credit card and password, Mao did not raise the credit card limit for Ms. Wang, but instead, Ms. Wang's credit card was cash in through her friend's POS. According to statistics, Mao made a total of five yuan fraudulent consumption of 16390 yuan, and then refused to contact Ms. Wang.

After receiving the police, the Jingshan Hill police station attacked the team immediately to act. After confirming the identity of Mao with the victim Wang, the police found a mailing address of a courier transceiver, and successfully discovered that maomou is now renting an apartment in Chaoyang District's eighth mile store.

In October 29th, the Jingshan Hill police station visited the policeman's plainclothes visit to confirm Mao's specific address, and stayed in the vicinity for a whole night. Finally, at 30 a.m., 10 a.m., he successfully captured Mao who had just finished playing cards.

Mao Mou confessed to the facts of the crime after he arrived at the scene, and said he was on the run recently. At present, the suspect Mao has been detained by Dongcheng Public Security Bureau on suspicion of credit card fraud.

Source: intern reporter of Beijing Evening News: Xu Huiyao

Editor: TF015

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