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People cheat! The amount of credit card cheat password lied for cash, the......

2018-11-08 10:57 beijing evening news TF015

That can help improve the credit card limit, Mao cheat the acquaintance of Ms. Wang (a pseudonym) of the credit card and password, has five times the fraudulent credit card is Ms. Wang 1.6 yuan. Recently, on suspicion of credit card fraud Mao Dongcheng Public Security Bureau has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

In October 16th 5 pm, as a manager in a hotel to the Jingshan Hill police station, Ms. Wang said, August 1st, Ms. Wang and Mao Hotel VIP dinner, during the conversation, Mao claimed that they do not need poundage can improve the credit card limit, out of Mao's trust, Ms. Wang will own credit card to Mao, and inform the password.

But a hair in the credit card and the password to Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang did not improve the credit card limit, but Ms. Wang's credit card cash through POS friends. According to statistics, Mao five stolen brush total consumption of 16390 yuan, and then refused to contact with MS. wang.

After the alarm, Jingshan Hill police strike team into action immediately, the victim Ms. Wang Mao and confirm the identity information, the police found a piece of hair express mail address, and then found a successful gross rent in an apartment in Chaoyang District.

In October 29th, the Jingshan Hill police station plainclothes police visited the strike team confirmed the specific address of a hair, and in the vicinity of the squat for a night, finally on the morning of the 30 day 10 pm will be successful after brand home Mao mou.

After appearing in court a Mao confessed to the facts of the crime, and said his recent hand tight, the crime is a spur of the moment. Currently, suspects on suspicion of credit card fraud is Dongcheng Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.

Source: Beijing evening news intern reporter: Xu Huiyao

Editor: TF015

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