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Beijing fake lottery station a month sold 2 million 200 thousand operators said the boss caught another person

2018-11-08 10:50 beijing evening news TF015

A Changping District Shahe town of undocumented lottery shop, a month management of black water lottery reached 2 million 200 thousand yuan. Open business after six months, the police seized the lottery shop, this morning, the actual operators of the lottery shop to pay a suspicion of illegal business, in the Changping court for trial.

Prosecutors said the prosecution, December 2017 to June 2018, the defendant Fumou has been achieved in the lottery business license qualification and business license of the case, in the Changping District Shahe town employed by illegally issuing and selling lottery tickets.

Fumou said the lottery station owner of another person, he is responsible for watching the lottery shop shop, money shop and other staff, both for print lottery staff. But the store operated by him is mainly responsible for the other two paid by him to grant. In employment, the boss had given him to read a "business license", but afterwards he had never seen, the store did not hang out. Customer Zhang had bought lottery tickets in the lottery station, he said the gameplay and general welfare lottery is not the same, "thought is a new play lottery, bought five dollars".

Pay a lottery station where the sale is means that the dollar lottery, every three minutes once a prize, play a guessing and guess poker two. The lottery station is small, water is very impressive, the staff said, when business is good, the profitability of the store every day can reach 2000 to 3000 yuan.

This is a conservative estimate, according to the identification of the agency's opinion, from May 4, 2018 to June 4 during the day, the total sales of more than 220 yuan, the illegal profits of RMB 9 yuan.

The night of June 5th this year, Fumou was arrested in the lottery shop, pay a claim "boss" has been the police detained on the spot without hearing a word about, the lottery machine two, cash 1.7 yuan, after identification, the lottery machine has not been identified as a gambling machine.

Proof issued by the Department of Changping District welfare lottery, the query registration information, permits the scene to see, Fumou et al. Unauthorized sales of lottery, lottery sales type without filing, according to relevant laws and regulations, are unauthorized issuing and selling lottery tickets. Changping procuratorate that pay the actual operators as a lottery station, without state approval of issuing and selling lottery tickets, disrupted the market order, the circumstances are serious, illegal business should be held criminally responsible.

Really do not know here is illegal, "pay a certain allegations of the prosecution said recognition, because there are a lot of lottery shop usually roadside, he did not care about the candidates," was going to marry during the Spring Festival, there is no chance." Pay a defender believes that Fumou is the basic employee lottery station, get a fixed salary, store profits more than 9 yuan lottery station income, rather than pay a certain illegal income, it requested the court for a lighter punishment. The case was not in court for sentencing.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Liu Suya

Editor: TF015

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