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Beijing park landscape leaves autumn Tim "reserved for citizens to admire the feeling"

2018-11-08 11:29 beijing evening news TF015

With the arrival of the "winter" solar term, park green walls, ancient courtyard in the colorful background are put on the layers of gorgeous autumn, yellow green, flaming, remoteshine and lotus leaf, aloe snow, showing a "sky" beijingstyle conception.

Reporters this morning from the city park management center, autumn is short, but the previous year municipal park began to try not to immediately clean the green leaves, extend the viewing experience, to create "deciduous landscape area", Beijing retained the natural beauty and Autumn Garden taste, show the results of quiet, harmonious and beautiful ecological construction.

According to reports, according to the provisions of the park management, park roads must be kept clean, leaves necessary cleaning, but for some scenic spots and trails, municipal park reduces the frequency of cleaning, keep this beautiful scenery leaves Montreal Park unique, for the members of the public to enjoy the autumn "feel", will not only extend the beauty of autumn to meet the public, tourists enjoy the autumn demand, and ensure a clean park landscape, the overall lower concentrated cleaning cleaning difficulty.

In an interview with reporters learned that the overall landscape, municipal park defoliation effect can be maintained for 1 to 2 weeks, just as the fallen leaves still keep moisture, bright color, with the pouring cold water can still maintain a good landscape effect, to reduce moisture out of the park fire safety considerations, will continue concentrate on cleaning.

The general office of the City Park Management Center Deputy Director Zhu Yingzi said that the historical gardens in Beijing, many deciduous trees, and are growing years of age of trees, one tree into the scene, the formation of unique features of northern garden, Beijing Park, every autumn leaves floating flower Dan, as snow effect can be continued for about a month. "Beijing" autumn leaves falling year by year with the feelings of deep accumulation, famous cultural city concentrated autumn.

The reporter saw at the scene today, Yuyuantan Park cherry garden green lawn is covered with many colorful, far from looking like is covered with a layer of gorgeous carpet. Cherry lake not far from the beautiful autumn, clear waters with reeds swaying posture, dozens of mandarin ducks playing them, a natural and abundant wild wetland scenery.

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City Park Management Center for public visitors to recommend "Luoying wandering, lotus like cream" in the landscape area, visitors can enjoy the lotus, reed, withered willow and various deciduous shrubs in the park, do not have a characteristic and ecological charm of autumn.

It is reported that the Municipal Park "autumn foliage" has been opened in mid October, this weekend (November 10th, 11) will usher in the best viewing period and early winter deciduous landscape. In Zhongshan, Beihai, Yuyuantan Park, autumn sun, reed and garden Hepeng multicolor colorful ancient background, beautiful artistic conception for tourists bring fruitful.

Among them:

Located in the Beijing botanical garden in the lake shore several Metasequoia eye-catching, leaf color and golden tree and let it in many talent shows itself in the beautiful scenery and the large floating reed shore wind echoes, constitute a beautiful autumn scenery.

Zizhuyuan Park is located between the Great Lakes and the North Island Qinglian lake, connected by bridge, Lotus Bridge, Hongqiao. Eight multicom is located in the island south of the next line of Qinglian, Acer, the leaves have orange red, overlooking a Kam lotus pond, back on the pole million Xiuzhu, Cong Xiao drooping, Qujingtongyou, pleasant scenery, bamboo garden path leads to the highest point of the whole garden considerable LAN Cui Pavilion, a landscape of lakes and mountains.

From the the Summer Palace in Beijing park, "Longevity Hill" and "Suzhou Street" as the picture show in front of tourists. Red maple adds to the building fire red. The golden leaf longevity hill with Phnom penh. Suzhou Street River on both sides of ash, maple, sumac, Koelreuteria paniculata, Pu Shu...... Colorful autumn leaves everywhere, autumn has brought vitality and the charm of nature to the building. Sai on the Yellow willow gleaming, reed, lotus seems to have vitality, longevity hill in autumn under the shade like a beautiful painting of the picture.

Every autumn, Zhongshan Park south gate to the altar altar between the ginkgo Avenue is the famous "Beijing autumn landmark", 18 strains of ginkgo tree in about 50 years, the leaves slowly fall to the ground covered with a layer of golden blanket". The golden ginkgo leaf in the backdrop of extremely gorgeous red.

The peony leaves in this season turned red, formed a unique landscape of Jingshan Hill Park Spring Tour flower autumn foliage ", against Wan Chunting in the distance, the formation of middle autumn unique to Jingshan Hill.

Taoranting Park Park, lush forests, especially in the central island "Jinqiu pier", with the best scenery in autumn. Here a wide variety of flowers, lush. A tree, acacia, Bunge, maple, tree island, and Prunus triloba, Bauhinia sumac thousands of shrubs, Begonia and hundreds of ginkgo, colorful autumn autumn, such as Jin, ginkgo leaves, covered in gold.

Tiantan is located in the North Park Tianmen in more than 60 ginkgo trees, now the golden yellow, in the autumn sun particularly brilliant, radiate splendor. Red shade, Cooper Senran, the tourists seemed to walk in the "Golden Corridor". Has full color, and colorful leaves the scene more let Park into the best viewing period.

China Garden Museum area before the "secret garden", ginkgo leaves waving a small fan descended, the original and not only in the autumn wind blows, swaying branches, leaves in autumn, also do not have a charm.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zuo Ying

Editor: TF015

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