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The mid-term election "to split Congress" Trump will adjust the domestic and foreign policy?

2018-11-08 10:43 beijing evening news TF011

The mid-term election Congress vote on 6 released in succession, each party hailed the "great victory". The Democratic Party after a lapse of 8 years to regain the house majority, while the Republicans to consolidate the Senate majority status.

The Capitol data figure Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Jie photo

Analysts believe that the election to American political reshuffle. A new pattern of political parties, especially the "split Congress", the Trump administration is bound to bring more constraints. But Trump has been firmly in control of the Republican Party, the Republican voters in the public opinion firmly, so the "Trump doctrine" will remain in dispute and the shock ahead.

Split the Congress

The election results generally in line with expectations

This year's congressional elections, the Senate situation is not conducive to the Democratic Party, the situation is not conducive to the Republican party. Finally, the election results generally in line with expectations.

In the Senate election, the Republicans and the southern state agricultural belt in the Midwest rust, including Indiana, Tennessee, North Dakota, Texas and Missouri lien victory, to ensure that the Republican Senate majority status and expanded majorities.

The house of Representatives election is another story. With the New House Democrats take cities and seize territory, not only a more diverse ethnic, and the increase in the number of women, including Diego record, will usher in just over 29 years old the youngest female member of Parliament, the history of the United States Congress on two Indians (all female), two female Muslim MPs. According to the "USA Today" reported that the total of more than 110 women elected to Congress, including 28 persons elected for the first time, the two figures are a record. These female members from the vast majority of democrats. In addition, at the local level election, women also have good record. The Democratic candidate, at the age of 44, Ayanna Presley became the first elected Massachusetts Congressman black women. She learned that his victory after said: "many visionary brave woman to run for office. I am very honored, and they together on the ballot, the candidate, to appear in the stage of the campaign."

A divided Congress is behind the political division of america. Overall, the Republican votes ahead in the United States and white men in rural areas, the Democrats in young voters and minorities, highly educated women in suburban residents and more popular.

Consolidate control

The Republicans will further "Trone 1952"

6 evening, with both houses of Congress vote became clear, Trump on social media twitter issued a document called "tonight" the great success achieved in the Senate, congratulated the Republicans in the election results. At the same time, he also called the House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi congratulated.

During the campaign, Trump said: "this is a referendum about me." Opinion polls show a The Associated Press before the election and election day, more than half of American voters that Trump is considering factors they vote, about 86% Trump supporters to vote Republican in the election.

Full recovery began in the Obama administration in the late of the U.S. economy, but the stability and speed in the Trump administration, which makes many voters credited on Trump. Trump nominated second federal conservative Supreme Court judge after allegations of sexual assault storm but ultimately successful appointment, this event also significantly stimulated the Republican voters enthusiasm. Trump played the anti immigration combined tough on the eve of the vote, has also been shown to effectively mobilize the Republican ticket bunker.

Observers here believe that the Trump campaign, to further consolidate the Republican control, but after the election, with some important moderate Republican members left, the Republicans will further "Trone 1952". This battle for the future of both parties will have an important impact.

sustained oscillations

The future may promote the large-scale infrastructure

The new Congress will be inaugurated in January 2019. In the face of a divided Congress, the Trump administration to adjust domestic and foreign policy, striking.

Analysts believe that the Democrats take control of the house after the Trump government built the Mexican border wall through congressional appropriations plan for the middle class fear vanished, the second wave of tax cuts he promised during the election campaign is also very difficult to promote. Democrats in the house of Representatives may also require the disclosure of his Trump tax return, and may make some specific investigations against him. The Trump team of "Russian gate" investigation is expected to return to the headlines, but not easily to impeachment proceedings.

In the face of the balance of a divided Congress, expected the Trump administration will likely adjust future priorities for two years of domestic and foreign policy and policy orientation. The Trump administration may be an important reshuffle, while pushing the immigration system to deliver major reform mid-term election campaign promises.

Some media analysts believe that Trump in his first year in office, pushing the tax reform, second years focused on trade, third years may begin to promote large-scale infrastructure construction. Vice President Burns 5 said in an interview, after the inauguration of the new Congress, Trump will push for a package of infrastructure bill.

In addition, observers believe that the election results are unlikely to change the style of Trump, and the American mainstream media slobber war continued, American political and social identity of the "culture wars" phenomenon may be intensified, the political parties to see signs of easing the polarization trend in the next period of time.


After the election U.S. attorney general fired immediately

The US Attorney General Sessi said on the 7, he in President Trump resign.

Trump and Sessi had "very iron". The latter is the earliest to support Trump's presidential campaign and the Republican Senator serves as a consultant for him. After Trump was elected the first "promotion" is Sessi. Just last March, sessions to avoid arousing suspicion, not involved the investigation through Russia "Trump campaign whether collusion with the Russian side". So far, the former director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the special prosecutor Robert Miller Jean Trump presided over the investigation of the passive situation.

In the view of the American media, Trump's most valued "loyalty", privately very dissatisfied with the "Liaotiaozi sessions". He accepted the "New York Times" said in an interview, Sessi regretted the nomination.

Trump optimistic about Whitaker his sessions. Whitaker, aged 48, served as U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Iowa, in 2017 to become Sessi's chief of staff.

He is writing a column in September of the same year in the CNN said that if Miller, Trump and his cronies investigating economic ties with Russia, "crossed the line". If Whitaker took over as Minister of justice, will have the opportunity to monitor Miller's investigation. According to Xinhua News Agency


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: tf011

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