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The judgment of Japanese enterprises compensation labor tensions between the two countries, Wen zaiyin Abe to "single chat"

2018-11-08 10:27 beijing evening news TF011

Due to the South Korean court ruled that Japan's corporate compensation forced Japan South Korean labor, strained relations between South Korea and Japan, South Korea's presidential Chong Wa Dae officials said 7 days, the president to attend the ASEAN Summit Series is not expected with Japanese Prime Minister Jin three times in a separate meeting later this month in the evening.

Abe Shinzo Xinhua news agency data figure

It is difficult to "single chat"

South Korean Presidential Office of Chong Wa Dae official 7 days to accept the media interview with reporters, President Wen zaiyin will this week to visit Singapore, attended the ASEAN summit, and then go to Papua New Guinea, to participate in the informal meeting of APEC leaders.

Abe Shinzo will attend the meeting, proposed with Wen zaiyin during the conference meeting. When asked whether the leaders of both the single chat, Chong Wa Dae official replied: "from the stage atmosphere, I am afraid it is difficult to."

The relationship between Korea and Japan due to the tense labor decision. South Korean court ruled in October 30th 2013, the maintenance of Seoul Supreme Court ruling, is Japan's largest iron and steel enterprises NSSC to 4 forced Japan South Korea labor pay compensation.

7 2013 Seoul high court judgment, NSSC during World War II the steelmaking plant of 4 South Koreans forcibly taken to Japan for each of them to toil, shall compensate 1 billion won ($8.9 million).

The South Korean government said, respect the great court, is willing to continue the development of relations between Korea and japan. The Japanese government insists that the two countries in 1965 signed a "claim agreement" to restore the normalization of diplomatic relations, this kind of civil claim problem has been resolved, urged the Japanese enterprises refuse compensation.

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Put each other "ruthless"

Even Japan, South Korea and Japan government officials around the labour case has repeatedly exchanged "ruthless", show a tough stance.

The Japanese government believes that labor compensation belongs to South Korea "domestic issue", the South Korean government should replace Japanese companies to pay compensation. Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro said on the 1 South Korea for "one hundred percent" responsibility, and instructed the Japanese ambassador to the National Pavilion of legitimacy of the government's move to japan.

Kawano Taro 5, told Bloomberg, once again blamed South korea. He said: "obviously, all Koreans should deal with this kind of litigation the South Korean government, this is what they must do. This is the 1965 agreement." According to his statement, South Korea because if the court ruling and in violation of the agreement between Japan and South Korea and other countries "will be very difficult to deal with the Korean government".

Kawano made the remarks after several hours, the first South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Zhao Xian summoned the Japanese ambassador to South Korea Changling anzheng. South Korean Foreign Ministry issued a statement later that night, the Japanese government accused the ruling "to deal with the excessive" and "political".

Chong Wa Dae national security office director Zheng Yirong 6 said on the Japanese side, if it continues to present a tough attitude, South Korea will have to take corresponding measures.

The Japanese side of the accused did not subside. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei 7 identified South Korea court ruled in violation of international law". South Korean Prime Minister Li Luoyuan later in the day issued a response to the statement, expressed regret for the main speech "over the Japanese government officials". According to Xinhua news agency, Zhang Jing


Source: Beijing Evening News

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