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Limit high pole impact of juvenile lethal hot lead rural highway Co. high demand to do

2018-11-08 10:28 beijing evening news TF015

Ten days ago, an accident happened in Jiangxi Xinyu, a 13 year old boy from sitting in a moving roof, unfortunately the head to hit the road in the limit high pole death. In this unfortunate, remind us of the car should Caution!, once again sparked public to limit high bar set attention. Because of the accident are opposite limit high pole directly or indirectly caused, but for the bearing capacity of the lower rural highway, set the limit high pole is the effective measures to protect the pavement. In order to protect the safety and function of highway facilities, announced in 2017 the "highway traffic safety facilities design specification", the concept of tolerance design is put forward.

Melon plant Village intersection broke limit high pole, Liu Suya photo

Limit high pole impact of juvenile death events cited hot

In October 28th, together with the "youth in the Jiangxi city of Xinyu Yushui district by the avenue to head out of skylight is limited high pole collision killed" accident caused the whole network discussion.

29 PM, Xinyu police release informed that the accident, the accident occurred in 28 at 16:58 PM, a small car, in the open road from south to North (Liangshan town to Xinyu city) direction, the 13 year old car Zhongmou body out of the car up the window, when the vehicle is traveling to the town eight hundred Liang bridge Wei Li Yuan Village Road, the road through the high bar, a clock body and limit high bar collision accidents caused by Bell died on the spot.

A 13 year old life gone, everyone on the Tanwan, youth itself and the responsibility of the driver does not seem too much controversy, and this has caused users of discussion.

According to public media reports, the section of the limit high pole height is two meters, but did not set up early warning signs. A broad highway, a two-way four lane, but only two meters high, and its location is located in a bend in the road, rather than the end point. This let netizens questioned the high limit bar setting is legitimate? In this regard, Xinyu City Transportation Bureau staff responded that the road has not yet completed, without the acceptance, the construction side is opened, in order to prevent the truck crushed pavement set.

Statistics of similar cases half limit high bar management responsibility

Netizens debate is not in the event of Xinyu road Weakness lends wings to rumours., although not yet opened, but in the normal traffic on the road, the passenger vehicle hit limit high pole injury and even death cases are not uncommon in the village pass, is the wish for the good reporter statistics Chinese referee network public documents found 2014 so far this year, due to the passenger improperly, causing passengers hit the limit high pole case is 45. The case is the wedding photography collision accident at work, the remaining cases were due to truck or agricultural tricycle hopper of illegal manned due to such accidents victims without any protection, and high limit facilities caused by the collision, so the injury was more serious, and more for the head injured. There are 22 cases of the deaths, and 5 parties for one level and two level disability, need lifelong care although these cases occurred throughout the country, but the court in the judgment criteria for responsibility is consistent, but still not knowing the driver car manned allows the victim take the vehicle, and the victim as an adult. To take the risk of the car hopper should be anticipated but still decided to take the corresponding responsibility, so the driver and the victim should bear the accident.

However, limit high bar management has not been excluded out of the scope of responsibility. The 45 case, due to the establishment of the high bar limit without approval, no obvious warning signs, the management of dereliction of duty, the actual height below the elevation and other reasons, the court identified management should bear the responsibility of the case reached 22, the proportion of nearly 50%. Management responsibility should be borne by the court as the fault is determined, the duty ratios ranging from 10% to 50%.

Among them, with limited high pole height is too low, only 2.2 meters, the impact caused by limb disability grade four, six grade vision disability cases, the court found the safe passage to limit high pole can not protect the fire and ambulance, therefore need to bear responsibility for 50% party management. In the case of such cases is the highest proportion of responsibility together.

Reporter noted that, as long as the height limit device does after the approval of the relevant government departments, or is set high limit device in the right management on the road to meet the safety standards of the law and try to remind the warning obligation, limit high bar management is excusable.

Regulations limit high pole how high is considered to comply with safety standards

How high is the high bar limit is consistent with safety standards? Published in 2017, "highway traffic safety facilities design standard" provisions of the road elevated limit design principles and provisions of the highway cross the bridge or tunnel clearance height less than 4.5 meters can be set collision limit overhead, cross the bridge or tunnel clearance height less than 2.5 meters should set the anti-collision limit overhead.

2017 "highway engineering technical standard", the provisions are more detailed, on the highway and rural road intersection, even the walkway, height should not less than 2.2 meters, and for agricultural car channel clear height is not less than 3.2 meters.

But a traffic engineering senior engineer told reporters that the new standard applies only to the "standard" after the introduction of the new highway, highway has for the old gb. In fact, part of the rural highway four highway can not reach the standard, which belongs to the "substandard roads", which means the road outside the existing grade, specification does not apply to highway.

That is to say, according to the "substandard roads set high facilities" limit, there is no clear standard. Only "Highway Safety Protection Ordinance" provides a principle transport administrative department of the people's government at the county level or the people's governments at the township level according to the needs of the protection of the township and Village Road, in the township and village highway entrances to set up the necessary height and width limit facilities, but shall not affect the fire and other emergency health emergency traffic needs.

But the fire department responded that, as long as the installation of the fire channel height limit of the facilities can always open, not to stop the fire, not all can not be installed, there is no specific requirement for high limit facilities.

The survey of rural roads "fear" heavy car call limit high pole

If the limit high bar can effectively limit the heavy vehicle traffic in the village, is the wish for the good.

Only the main road melon plant in the village of melon plant -- -- is a shortcut near large truck traffic, but as a village road, melon plant road completely unable to withstand the heavy truck weight. In August this year has just completed the pavement overhaul, before two months, in the middle of the road has been rolled out of the two hole, just recently been complete new asphalt.

In order to solve the problem, the village committee to a variety of ways. At first, the village committee of the deceleration zone set on the road, but not on the truck without the slightest effect, but also increased the noise through the vehicle deceleration zone was dismantled soon.

Then the village has erected a 2.6 metre high bar limit, but a few days later, he was forced to limit high pole truck broke down. And the village has 14 bus pass through, in order to public traffic flow, the high ideas can not be achieved.

Reporters at the entrance to the village was just ten minutes, there are 5 heavy truck and 3 small trucks through the village, although set up "large transport vehicle ban through the punishment of offenders," the warning signs, but did not play any role. The villagers told reporters that this is far from the traffic peak, "but who cares, who punished?"

Sound with a flexible structure will limit high pole accidents to a minimum

The safety requirements, the pilots also have the corresponding question. The township government is entitled to set high limit facilities, but the country has not issued a unified standard, resulting in the high bar shape is different, the quality is uneven, and even appeared in the high limit of cement material facilities. Once the collision, the limit high pole itself will become a security threat on the road.

At the same time, supporting the warning limit high facilities are not in place, such as rod, no limit on not reflecting a certain distance before high facilities set up warning signs, the actual height limit is lower than the elevation, also threaten the safety of the driver side is a question of safety, one side is to protect the road facilities and not, we whether to guarantee the legitimacy and security of the installation, so that high limit facilities play the biggest role?

In fact, the "standard" design of highway traffic safety facilities have been carried out in response to the voice: a lot of reasons of traffic accidents on the road, such as driver fatigue, speeding, drunk driving, avoid failure or accident; vehicle control device; the icy road, snow, rain, fog or the driver line of sight limited. Tolerance design emphasizes the driver's fault should not be at the cost of life, through the rational design of the accident to the lowest limit overhead for collision avoidance for example, the need to protect bridges and tunnels have sufficient strength, to avoid the collision of the vehicle to the main structure, but for the warning limit overhead can be used to avoid the damage of the vehicle flexible structure.

At the same time, new materials, new technology, new products has also been highlighted. "Code for design of highway safety facilities in particular, practice proved reliable new technologies and new materials, new technology and new products, we must actively promote the use of.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Liu Suya

Editor: TF015

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