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How to handle the limited demand of rural highways?

2018-11-08 10:28. beijing evening news TF015

Ten days ago, there was an accident in Xinyu, Jiangxi. A 13 year old boy was killed when he was sitting on a driving roof and hit his head in the road. This misfortune reminds us that we should pay attention to safety while riding the bus, and again arouse public attention to the problem of setting high poles. It is a pity that accidents caused by high poles are directly or indirectly caused. However, for the rural roads with low carrying capacity, setting up high limit bars is an effective measure to protect the road surface. In order to balance the safety and protection functions of highway facilities, the concept of tolerance design was put forward in the "highway traffic safety facilities design specification" published in 2017.

The high limit pole of melon factory village road is broken, Liu Suya photo

Death caused by high impact bars

In October 28th, an accident involving a young boy who had put his head out of the skylight and was hit by a high bar was triggered by the accident on the main road in Xinyu, Jiangxi.

29 afternoon, Xinyu public security issued an accident notification that the accident occurred at 16:58 on 28, Xu, a small car in the open road from south to North (Liangshan town to Xinyu city) direction, 13 year old passenger Zhongmou will stretch out of the car outside the window, when the vehicle ran to Liangshan town eight hundred bridge village village village section, through the road limit height bar, Zhong body and high limit bar collision, the accident caused Zhong die on the spot.

The death of a 13 year old life is regreting. There seems to be no much controversy about the responsibilities of the teenagers themselves and drivers, but the existence has caused discussion among netizens.

According to the media's public reports, the limit height of the incident section is two meters, but no warning signs have been set up in advance. A two-way four lane wide road is only two meters high, and its location is located in a bend, rather than at the end of the road. This has raised questions for netizens. Is the setting of this high bar legal? In response, the staff of the Xinyu traffic and Transportation Bureau responded that the road had not been checked and completed, and was not yet opened to traffic. It was set up by the construction party to prevent the truck from crushing the road surface.

Statistics on similar cases nearly half high pole management responsibility

The debate among netizens is not groundless. Although the road in Xinyu incident has not yet been opened, on the road of normal traffic, the cases of vehicular passengers hitting high bars or even causing death are not uncommon in villages. It is a good thing to expect. Reporters found that the public documents found in China's referee's official documents found that since 2014, there were 45 cases of passengers hitting high bars due to improper passenger loading. In addition to a case involving a striking accident in the work of a wedding company, all the other cases were caused by illegal loading of trucks or agricultural tricycles. Because of such accidents, the victims were hit by high facilities with no protection, resulting in severe injuries and mostly head injuries. There were 22 cases of death due to the accident, and 5 other clients who were disabled at first and two levels. They needed lifelong care. Although the cases occurred throughout the country, the criteria for the division of responsibilities in the court were more consistent. The driver knew that the car could not be manned but still allowed the victim to take the vehicle. The victim, as an adult, should foresee the risk of taking the car and still decide to ride. Therefore, the driver and the victim should bear the corresponding responsibility for the accident.

However, the management of the high bar has not been excluded from the scope of accountability. In the above 45 cases, 22 cases were found to be responsible for the management by the court because of the reasons for setting up the high bar without approval, no obvious warning signs, dereliction of duty in management, and actual height below the elevation. The proportion is nearly 50%. The responsibility of the management shall be determined by the court in accordance with its fault, with a liability ranging from 10% to 50%.

Among them, the height limit of a height bar is too low, only 2.2 meters. The victim injured four limbs with disability and vision six level disability. The court held that the high bar involved in the case could not guarantee the safe passage of fire and ambulance, so the management should be responsible for 50%. The case is the highest proportion of responsibilities in such cases.

The reporter noted that as long as the high limit device did pass the approval of the relevant government departments, or did it set up the high limit device on the road with the right management, it met the safety standards stipulated by law and did the duty of warning and warning.

It is stipulated that the height of the bar must be high enough to meet the safety standard.

How high is the height limit for a safety bar? The "highway traffic safety facilities design specification" promulgated in 2017 stipulates the design principle of the highway viaduct, which provides that the height limit of the road crossing bridge or tunnel should be set up when the clearance height is less than 4.5 meters. When the clearance height of the cross bridge or tunnel is less than 2.5 meters, it is necessary to set up the anti-collision limit elevated frame.

The provisions of highway engineering technical standards in 2017 are more detailed. When crossing roads and rural roads, the net height should not be less than 2.2 meters even for pedestrian passageways, and the net height for agricultural vehicles should not be less than 3.2 meters.

But a senior engineer in traffic engineering told reporters that the new standard is only applicable to the new highway after the promulgation of the specification, while the existing highway is applicable to the old national standard. As a matter of fact, some rural roads fail to reach the standard of grade four highway. They belong to the "outside road", meaning that the road beyond the existing grade is not applicable to the technical specifications of highways.

That is to say, there is no clear standard for the installation of "off road" high facilities. Only the "Highway Safety Protection Ordinance" has made the principle stipulation that the transportation department of the people's government at the county level or the people's government at the township level may, according to the needs of protecting the rural roads and village roads, set up the necessary height limits and width facilities at the entrance and exit of the rural roads and village roads, but shall not affect the emergency traffic needs such as fire prevention, hygiene and first aid.

However, the fire department responded that as long as the installation of the high limit facilities on the fire passage could be opened at any time, the fire could not be prevented, and it could not be installed without any specific requirements for the high facilities.

Investigation of rural roads "fear" heavy vehicles calling for restricted poles

It is a good thing if the high bar can effectively restrict the use of heavy vehicles in villages.

Guchang Road, the only main road in Guchang village, is a shortcut for passing nearby large trucks. However, as a village road, Guchang road is totally unable to bear the weight of heavy trucks. In August this year, the pavement has just been overhauled. It has not yet been two months. The central road has been rolled out of two big pits recently.

In order to solve the problem, the village committee also wants various ways. At first, the village committee set up the deceleration belt on the road surface, but not only did not have any effect on the big truck, but increased the noise when the vehicle passed, and the deceleration belt was soon dismantled.

Then the village raised a 2.6 meter high pole, but within a few days, the high bar was forced to break open by the truck. And there are 14 buses passing through the village. For the sake of public transportation, the idea of high limit can not be realized.

Reporters observed in the village for more than ten minutes, there are 5 heavy trucks and 3 small trucks passing through, although the village has set up a "large transport vehicles prohibited from running through, offenders punishment" warning board, but did not play the slightest effect. The villagers told reporters that this is far from the peak traffic volume, "but who will manage, who will punish it?"

Sound with a flexible structure minimizes the accident of the high bar.

The villagers have safety needs, and the drivers also have corresponding doubts. Since the township government has the right to set up high facilities, the state has not issued a unified standard, resulting in different shapes and uneven quality of high pole bars, and even the high limit facilities for cement materials. In case of impact, these bars will become a security threat on the road itself.

At the same time, the supporting warning for high facilities is not in place. For example, if there is no reflective bar in the bar, no warning signs are set at a certain distance before the high facilities, and the actual height is below the elevation, all of which threaten the safety of the driver. It is a question of safety. One side is to protect the road facilities, and we should not allow the high limit facilities to play the biggest role under the premise of ensuring the legitimacy and safety of the installation.

In fact, the design code for highway traffic safety facilities has responded to this kind of noise: there are many reasons for traffic accidents on the roads, such as drivers' fatigue, speeding, drunk driving, evading accidents, vehicle out of control or device failure, road icing, snow, rain, fog weather or limited visibility of drivers. Tolerance design emphasizes that drivers' fault should not be reduced at the cost of life, and that accidents can be minimized through reasonable design. For example, the anti-collision elevated viaduct for bridges and tunnels needs sufficient strength to avoid collision of vehicles into the main structure, but the warning structure can consider using flexible structures which are not easy to cause vehicle damage.

At the same time, the status of new materials, new processes and new products has also been highlighted. "Highway traffic safety facilities design specifications" specifically put forward, through practice verifies as reliable new technology, new materials, new technology and new products, we should actively promote the use.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Liu Suya

Editor: TF015

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