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From the "tongue on China" to "human" why Chen Xiaoqing took the food flavor makes people look hungry

2018-11-08 10:29 beijing evening news TF019

The documentary "the world" in the delicacy of flavor and video Tencent won the praise of the Zhejiang TV premiere episode, "" air plant did not let the audience down the second set, after the "flavor of human look hungry quickly boarded micro-blog hot search. Different characteristics of the different regions continue to touch the audience with delicacy taste, food circulation as the theme, from the starting point to show how slowly about, echoes between different regions of the world delicacy, the migration between different countries in culture, and under this constant flow, and the fetters of emotional delicacy.

"The flavor of the world".

In the fall, wheat Chinese Portuguese food in the ground, even from home to a landing, these emotional passages, let delicacy have a kind of different sense. Before the launch of the low-key director Chen Xiaoqing interview, said the next will be dedicated to the "custom" chowhound "documentary, may be not so strong, but we will make it very interesting."

Delicacy is behind the colorful world

Although the delicacy of a documentary, dubbed the "slimming" and "touch, taste buds big kill" is the audience's highest recognition, but the general director Chen Xiaoqing is clearly not the intention to mobilize the audience appetite, he said in an interview, I hope the world "is a" flavor delicacy "exploration" program, through knowledge sharing and share the experience to let the audience appreciate the delicacy and delicacy of the complex world behind.


"The flavor of the world".

However, Chen Xiaoqing said: "a documentary director, he want to express and understand what the audience eventually received, what is compared to the audience can feel what is the most important." He explained himself before broadcasting slightly low, that is now spreading format of the complex, to the team play idea prevention needle, humbly accept various opinions during the broadcast. Another important reason is he worried about the director say too much, actually gives the audience a certain viewing angle, but the work is concerned, everyone will have a different understanding.

No matter on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" or "flavor world" Chen Xiaoqing that their intention is: "each One principle runs through it all. behind the food so that we can see different things, some history can be seen, some can see the humanity, some can see. I love watching the food behind these things behind the food attractive surface total story. In fact, from when I started doing delicacy documentary that is think so, because we can't go too fast, while ignoring the like to show something; not because we taste more and more consistent, life more calm, forget once had a rich, there is a colorful world."

Technology is not the most important

"The flavor of the world".

"The world" using cutting-edge flavor "micro photography" technology, which is expensive, because this shot shot failure rate is very high, the director who spent half a month's time may only completed a shot. For example, we all know that eat crab dipped in vinegar sauce more delicious, in micro photography, this practice has been explained scientifically. The audience can see when the acid is close to the crab, crab meat fiber will instantly start. At this time, you will know why suddenly become delicious crab. The first set "between the mountain", the audience saw fresh meat condensed charm frost in subzero night, pickled horse ribs, and salt changes in red meat on the jump.

Chen Xiaoqing said, this is from the user's perspective, take care of the feelings of the audience. He believes that these years documentary is the biggest change in the creation of "accommodation" audience. The so-called "compromise" is in the aspects of fully meet the audience's visual experience. So now we see a little influential documentary, are partial, partial to the fresh variety. Only in this way, will attract more people to watch. "Take the ocean Mike said a word, say what we agree with the audience? The first level is the value, there must be a correct values story; second levels called wonders, to be able to give you bring the visual and auditory experience things; third levels called technology." In Chen Xiaoqing view, today's documentary is to use dramatic appearance, with the means of science and technology to the audience to depict an interesting and meaningful visual spectacle. But in essence, each creation team hopes to tell a good story, the audience to the heart, the technology is not the most important, is the core of the story.

"Human" is the only flavor in question is fragmented, the lens is very short, this belongs to the same story segmentation interludes, some people think that this is the demand for Internet viewing service. On the other hand, the image quality is also very high, far more than required for mobile terminals. In this regard, Chen Xiaoqing explained: "only the good and bad in this world, not a long film the premise of success. But we have many stories before is constructed by local or close-up, you will find the audience soon tired, even in the small screen is easy to fatigue. One way to watch the world in fact there are certain rules of picture language grammar is regular, so we have to close things in the majority, there is a very important thing, we will pay attention to local and detail, I think not only concerned about the mobile phone client, and "human" in the traditional flavor will also broadcast media in the end, the Tencent of OTT video broadcast, and 4K large screen digital stream will bring a very strong shock."

"The world" later flavor sound when the team had been put forward why to do so fine, fine to cut a piece of Steamed Buns lens, Steamed Buns above is soft, here is the glue, a sword that instant voice must let the audience know it. Chen Xiaoqing replied: "why do we want every special contests in this respect? For example, the 5.1 panoramic sound, for the large audience, it is not worth mentioning, but we insist on doing. We have on the demand of the audience, to give him the best quality of the 4K, at the same time to give him a panoramic sound. If his family has enough good sound, or a professional headset you will feel personally on the scene. May 100 the audience there was only one person wearing headset, we will give it a personal best. The current technology can bring us a lot of audio-visual experience, if someone can love this feeling, we try to do it."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jin Liwei

Editor: TF019

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