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Beijing Tibet cadres Wang Ning new "sports poverty" with the new changes in Lhasa

2018-11-08 10:08 beijing evening news TF015

"In the future, Lhasa will be the international marathon!" Wang Ning in the circle of friends wrote. Originally, a foreign guy want to contact the Organizing Committee held in Lhasa in mid November to participate in the half marathon, result not for the Tibet letter of regret. The same regret and failed to participate in the inaugural Himalaya bike race held in mid October of the players. Wang Ning in Tibet, it is difficult to imagine such events can win one after another plateau.

Wang Ning in the national fitness research demonstration base, curved photo theodolite

Build: open the sports dream from a piece of paper

Wang Ning is the director of the Lhasa Municipal Sports Bureau, Beijing city 8 group of cadres, in the professional field as chief of the group of cadres of the 80, he is the only one. Pointer back in 2014, Beijing city invested 760 million in Lhasa Sports Center, did not end up in Tibet stadium history, the opening ceremony, Wang Ning on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau to attend. He did not expect that, after two years will again set foot on this piece of land of the first three years of work in tibet. In July 2016, Wang Ning landed in Gongga airport, the thin air first give him a lesson, even if it is a born athlete, the beginning of the plateau will breathe, the car across the Brahmaputra, this is called the "life zone" on the plateau, a future sports dream waiting for him to build.

In November of that year, Wang Ning came to the newly listed Global Sports Bureau, only three people in the post, he was appointed deputy director, in charge of mass sports, competitive sports, youth sports, sports industry, sports planning and sports lottery and sports business affairs. "You know in Beijing this is several leaders in charge of the work, the Lhasa sports is starting from a piece of paper." Wang Ning is facing the hitherto unknown pressure, he learned that the local populace sports development is not rich, the masses to participate in fitness activities is not high enthusiasm, low utilization of venues, not planning the next step of the sports industry, all aspects of a thousand things wait to be done.

"Man Road as the iron, chamc." Wang Ning Beijing city is the only one of their counterparts in Tibet since the sports group of cadres, many things are "wasteland ground", but Wang Ning did not flinch: "this piece of land in Tibet, if you want to do things can be made!" Tibet two and a half years, he only took 9 days in Tibet, apartment and stop stop heating oxygen, even the cooking master is the first year to the Spring Festival, he chose to stay in Lhasa to do research.

Advance: let the sports like singing popular

In the early morning of the Potala Palace as a foot snow red robed monks, genius come to light, the pilgrims have been in a continuous line. In the palace there is a piece of cloth with Lin you are Furuyanagi Ki, the clear blue, this is Lhasa's famous Yuan Linzong jiaolukang after 2017, it has another identity - Lhasa City Fitness demonstration point. A rain sky filled with Tibetans still, they be in full swing, shuaixiu, warm dance. "This is the people of Lhasa to the ground, now morning exercises into leisure venues, this year we dial 200 4 million building block canopy, to ensure that people have adequate fitness space." Wang Ning said.

And two years ago, Lhasa has not been such a scene. The bars dry the quilt, fitness equipment bolt yak, equipment disrepair...... This is Wang Ning at the time of the Lhasa national fitness first impression. Just arrived in Lhasa in the first year of the Spring Festival, he did not return to Beijing, but the use of up to 60 days to visit more than 20 counties. He realized that this is not the money is not in place, but the local people do not have the awareness of sports and fitness atmosphere.

According to the first-hand research materials, at the beginning of next year, a "Lhasa 2016 - 2020 national fitness regulations" work plan of freshly baked, filled fitness facilities, create fifteen minutes fitness circle, and the cultivation of social sports instructors to help public health sciences work have been carried out. By the end of 2017 research, Wang Ning found that the public stadium use rate has been in short supply, counties, villages and towns of national fitness center also gradually improve, fitness atmosphere has improved.

In the promotion of national fitness at the same time, Wang Ning brewing with competitive sports to bring fitness ideas. So, basketball, badminton and other basic events constantly, every kind of sports activities to spread in the city'sdragnet. Last March, Lhasa's first occupation football team - Lhasa city voted football club was founded. "Can you imagine in the Super League, a and B in the occupation field, never the figure of Tibet, Tibet 7 counties had not an own occupation football team!" Wang Ning University is a professional football, he could not stand such a situation. The same year 9 month, Chinese FA Amateur League home court for the first time plateau at an altitude of 3600 meters above the Lhasa race, averaging attendance up to 13000, exceeding even the super stadium field number, Tibet TV broadcast live, and with Tibetan broadcast, the entire city of Lhasa was boiling. "Sports work is the health category, sports performance is also the growing cultural needs of modern people in the city to watch a play, a concert as demand."

In February this year, Wang Ning was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Lhasa Municipal Sports Bureau party secretary, became the chief units appointed only eighth group of cadres in Tibet during a major leadership. Successfully held all kinds of basic events, the people of Lhasa are mobilizing enthusiasm for fitness. Wang Ning believes that it is time to hold a national sports meeting. In order to run this race, Wang Ning went to Lhasa for the national sports in high streets and back lanes.

In Lhasa a sweet teahouse, two dressed in a robe of the elderly is a square wooden table sitting cross legged, tasting the delicious barley wine, while the fingers hit the wooden chess ball on the table. When the ball into the wood, watching people sent tut praise, they play is known as the "Tibetan billiards" of Tibetan Traditional Sports -- Ji Ren, a pub and we show, degree of agglomeration ancient ethnic style of the game. People see a solid foundation, Wang Ning heart bottom, he used "doctrine" in the games as a traditional sports debut. At the end of April, during the 17 days of the first Lhasa games and National Traditional Sports Games held successfully.

In the July games, Lhasa delegation made the medals and two groups total score first, gold medal is second to two times of good results. Previously, the delegation of Lhasa city is the best medal ranked fourth, ranking third. This achievement is an inspiration to all the people of Lhasa sports enthusiasm builds up quietly. Then, the first Paralympic movement began, various events in Lhasa blossom everywhere......

Promotion: Combining Sports and Tourism

Sports is a part of education, during his tenure, Wang Ning hope can drive the youth sports started at the end of last year, more than 20 of junior high school students led by Wang Ning in the 2018 National Youth "held in Harbin, the future star sunshine sports conference in the winter, the snow football project, from Lhasa on behalf of the Tibet Youth Football Group B, group A won the champion runner up, open a new breakthrough for Tibet youth football. "I often found love children playing soccer in the streets of Lhasa, they do not lack talent, but the lack of competitive platform."

In Beijing for 5 days, Wang Ning took the children to visit the bird's nest, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee base. Before leaving with Wang Ning, even the children have not been out of Tibet. However, at the end of the game a student had chickenpox, was admitted to the infectious disease hospital in Harbin, Wang Ning has been to keep the company in front of the bed, but also their own money to improve the food, until discharge. This is the Spring Festival approaching, he put the children safe escort back to the reservoir, hurried home after a year and go back to tibet. The 9 days off at that time hugh.

Tibet two and a half years, Wang Ning lost more than 20 pounds, black skin, forehead peeling, go to the county survey by the local cadres as tibetans. From the Tibet period of half a year, Wang Ning seize the time to enhance the sports development in Tibet. "The unique plateau terrain suitable for sports and the limit hook, sports and tourism combine to become a sports tourism entrance." In mid October Himalaya bicycle race limit along national highway 318 started in November 11th 2018, the Lhasa half marathon will start running shots in front of the Potala Palace......

Next, Wang Ning's focus will be on Lhasa's sports industry, around the sports management activities, sports competitions, sports fitness and leisure activities, sports stadiums, sports intermediary services, sports training and education to carry out the work of the international classification of 11. He is very confident: "Lhasa sports become tomorrow Chaoyang point the day and await for it!"

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei

Editor: TF015

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