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Reporter: some people make complaints about "wonderful stars do not listen to advice arrogant red burst actor intimate waiting to interview

2018-11-08 10:15 Yi Zhan TF011

The art that editorial department of the main cultural news, reporters interviewed many artists, writers, musicians, artists, celebrities and other arts director. Although can often enjoy their style, but sometimes they learned little temper and "strange" habits. Today that you borrow art feast this opportunity, a reporter "make complaints about Congress", behind the news interview about the story, but also to the way we broke the explosion.

An interview with the Beijing Olympic Games photographer Liu Ping photo map

Reporters "make complaints about congress"

In 2012, 20 years to the original writer Ma last novel "a" return to the monsters and freaks of all descriptions, attracted major media coverage. The horse that time is not willing to appear in public, we were interviewed by telephone, Ma Yuan teacher talk, nothing like the monster. Remember the 3 month 21 interview editions, one day suddenly received Ma Yuan teacher calls, that is to come to Beijing, I took the newspaper to a hotel in Wangfujing. This day, the last to see a horse teacher, he is like a sofa to sit, rent landlord as he was about the bursting with happiness, the newspaper or magazine media reporters have come to "rent", enjoy the joy of harvest. The teacher thought Ma or invited us to sit down and Lao Lao, who knows he did this, so we just a few simple sentences, have paid the rent.

A well-known director, Pai many good, but there are a lot of bad play, but most people listen to not to give him advice. So with the criticism of articles will ask what is the meaning of the reporter. On the other, do not believe that any director asked you to give his work advice that really want to let you give him advice, silly when you give your opinion will be despised, never! (don't ask me how I know)

Held in Beijing in October 15, 2014 the work of the forum, Zhou Xiaoping, Fang spend thousands of two grassroots network writer participants, so that they quickly became popular, also let them in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. I interviewed a network of writers, especially Zhou Xiaoping said the interview lasted about half an hour, but I do not know how it is, finally, the gallop network world warrior suddenly to the sentence, today's interview can not appear, let me rip off directly.

An Z surname actor, interview only asked a special routine, without any inappropriate problem (back repeatedly after listening to the recording, sure did not have to ask the wrong), don't know where he touched a nerve root was particularly sensitive, loudly accused said: "you ask this question is your occupation, insult." I think what is the misunderstanding on communication, various interpretations, his attitude is still very contemptuous. At that time, especially want to leave and not to adopt, in order to manuscript could go on, but the whole head echoed accused him of no reason.

An D surname actor, and the like, are due to a military fire works. Have an interview, probably because the time is too late, all do not answer the questions, ask what is "I don't know." "forget" "escapes", finally out of the sentence "you are not very interested in acting, why ask about performance issues". This is not the case, you are an actor I don't ask you to show what questions to ask?

To say the last interview with a star, or because of a costume drama to launch, when the actor because of a love movie success among the first tier, and become a female audience want to marry men list of reds, before the interview is still very tense. Because before listening colleagues said, this star is especially good at preaching, and the Buddhist can't help to explain their profound thoughts. Then, less than twenty minutes of the interview, all the drama and the role of the problem will always be rather baffling to the Buddhist. Although with sincere attitude, face a desire to communicate, to understand the Buddhist scriptures I still wander in five or six minutes. Finally, did not intend to ask the family emotional problems, even by the actor himself broke, now may seem to deliberately create a good man set. At the end of this drama broadcast well, drama actor's performance is also very lively, but the dialogue is nothing to have dizzy spells, to help.

There are also special warm heart of the artist. For example, Chan told reporters that a good, a conference has just finished a myopic operation to a peer girl came to get the prize, Jackie stood on the stage all the way to see her, took the microphone and shouted "ah in her eyes you helped her, don't let her wrestling".

And Zhang Ziyi. She had been rumored love Poser pendulum smelly face to the media, but there is a group visit to her impression completely changed, very down to earth attitude is very good, the actor, who even brokers to obstruct reporters beside some questions, she also careless waved say "never mind the answer". Finally, in the best of spirits initiative to talk about the daughter wake up, maternal tenderness eyes is very touching.

Zhang Ziyi data figure Wang Yue Jin

There is a star. He is red for many years, a major life changes, this interview is because a costume drama turned red. Interview in different places, hurried to the scene, has actually started early, early in the interview room when the actor heard reporters waiting for, at that time many respects arise spontaneously. Because the natural surface, expected actor interview may be more a pillow with an embroidered case of Mandarin cliches, did not expect the interview down answer, but also for life peer probing questions in the past, also forthrightly liberal and dignified. The reporters also make laugh, EQ is terrible. This is the first time to see a female reporter with many male stars like peach sister, personal charm and IQ EQ, apparently also ring powder. And those who are devoid of substance, and hundreds of media compared to Poser not sensible little meat, the actor is really in love with the circle of media darling. He who is not red, red?

To make complaints about interview and make complaints about, even if that would be wonderful, Yi Jun with professional spirit to complete interviews and reports, as a reporter, we just want to continue to provide you with the most fresh cultural phenomenon of literary information, professional observation, interesting literary stories, but also hope that we can support us as in the past. To love you




Source: art that author: Lu Yanxia, Niu Chunmei, Li Xiazhi, Yuan Yuner

Editor: tf011

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