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Chen Jining and Gates inaugurated the center of Beijing why it can become a "cooperation model"?

2018-11-08 10:01 General Administration TF011

East Forest Park West, the environment quiet, building well-proportioned Zhongguancun Dongsheng International Science Park, an important R & D institutions officially arrived yesterday.

In the ceremony, Beijing mayor Chen Jining and Gates foundation co chairman Bill Gate together for the opening mechanism. Bill Gate is in his speech at the words of praise, known as the "Gates foundation model and China cooperation!"

The new R & D institutions is the global health and medicine research center. The backing is not small, by the Beijing municipal government, Tsinghua University and the Gates Foundation jointly funded the establishment of the independent, non-profit global public health and drug innovation mechanism to inject innovation impetus for global health, drug development, accelerate biomedical basic research to the effective transformation of clinical drugs, will be connected to the global drug preliminary research and development institutions and an important hub of Frontier downstream clinical development unit.

A plurality of first model and significance from its research and development center". First, it is the Gates foundation in the global scope only directly involved in the operation of the R & D institutions, is also the drug R & D Center for the first time in China landing.

At the same time, domestic science and technology research and development center is the first use of government and social capital cooperation (Public Private Partnership, referred to as "PPP") model of private non enterprise units. The responsible person in an interview when he explained, "in our PPP model advocated for a long time, but most of them are used in the road, so the foundation of bridge construction project, in the scientific research project with PPP mode, or for the first time."

The establishment of a global health center for drug development, it is the city of Beijing, the Tsinghua University and the Gates foundation combination. Beijing city has the most extensive basic research resources and high-end talent, gathered more than 80 related areas of national key laboratories and Engineering Technology Research Center, has a National Center for protein science and other 4 major national science and technology infrastructure. The level of clinical medical resources and Beijing also ranks first in the country, and the development of Beijing pharmaceutical industry quality and high level, North formed about more than 440 companies landing in life science research and innovation cluster formation, the southern more than 1300 enterprises in high-end manufacturing cluster.

Chen Jining met Bill Gate introduced the development advantages of Beijing. He said, Beijing is rich in basic research resources and high-end talent, high level of clinical medical resource aggregation. We put the medicine health industry as one of the ten major high-tech industry focus on the development of Beijing City, and issued a health collaborative innovation plan of action for three years, to accelerate the development of high quality medical health industry.

Chen Jining said, we are willing to work with the Gates foundation, a research and development center put into operation as an opportunity to docking resources, deepen cooperation in innovative drug development, clinical trials, indoor smoking in public places, the toilet revolution etc.. I hope Gates fund will continue to increase investment in research and development of drugs in Beijing, the more health new technology, the introduction of new products in Beijing. We will continue to enhance the level of public service, continued to optimize the business environment, to provide comprehensive support for development of R & D center.

For the quick landing of R & D center, Bill Gate highly appreciated. He said that last year 3 month I participated in the R & D center launch ceremony, was still in the stage, did not expect just over ten months, R & D center from vision to reality.

Now, the R & D center not only attracted a lot of competitive top R & D personnel landing in Beijing, the formation of a high level of more than 40 people, the internationalization of research and development and operations team, still a lot of early research projects have achieved outstanding results. As the center of unique sophisticated artificial intelligence GPU accelerated drug virtual screening platform, has the breakthrough of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity properties and physicochemical properties of the prediction function; Research Center for tuberculosis developed 5 new drug targets, is expected to fundamentally cure tuberculosis.

The future development of the R & D center, Bill Gate high hopes: "construction and development center, will bring the breakthrough and innovation of more medical and health technology, power China innovation of science and technology development, for the benefit of the people of the world, and make greater contributions to the cause of human health."



Source: General Administration wrote: Fan Junsheng Photography: Jia Tongjun

Editor: tf011

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