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The 27 Film Festival: "wolf 2" Grand Slam, Wu Jinglin Xian super Competition Award

2018-11-08 10:02 beijing evening news TF015

Twenty-seventh Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in Foshan last night held a grand opening ceremony of the film festival, Wu Jing served as ambassador, the opening ceremony attracted including Zhai Junjie, Zhang Liang, Song Xiaoying and other older artists as well as Kar Lok Chin, Sun Chun, Jin Qiaoqiao, Wang Yutian, Du Yuhang and other young actors to attend.

The 27 of the film festival opening ceremony, the scene actors are singing songs. Longxiang photo

The film festival since its inception in 1992, has been successfully held 26 sessions. In early 1997, Foshan hosted the sixth annual Golden Rooster Award, after a lapse of 21 years, again as a host to host the twenty-seventh Foshan Film Festival, becoming the first two time to host the festival city.

Foshan municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Guo Changyong said yesterday afternoon, the Foshan film enterprises reached 908, including film and television production enterprises have 453. The film festival held in Foshan, hoping to Film Festival influence for film screenings, let the city city the prosperity of film "goal.

The opening ceremony performances by Liu Fangfei, Liu Zhibing, Gao Na, Zhu Junping presided over the last night, the party is divided into four chapters, describes the development of Chinese film hundred years brilliant and Foshan film. The famous film artist Zhu Xijuan teacher started to tell their movies and love, and to screen the way of dialogue with Niu teacher talk about the 83 year old finally joined the party event. As the first popular film award for outstanding actress award winner, Zhu Xijuan teacher said affectionately, "" the Red Detachment of women "changed my life, I also deeply education".

The famous film artist Zhang Liang, director Zhai Junjie, screenwriter Wang Xingdong, the famous performing artist Song Xiaoying, actor Kar Lok Chin came to tell his movie love.

85 year old Zhang Liang is the "Dong Cunrui" actor, he took office on crutches and memories, when Dong Cunrui himself was only 22 years old, he is also happy to share with Foshan two has the origin "sea dragon" and the movie "YAMAHA" fish stall.

Teacher Song Xiaoying once won by virtue of "candlelight smile" won twelfth Golden Rooster Award for best actress, she said she has a fate with Foshan, because she in 1980 as "the execution of wedding" in which Chen Tiejun is the hero of Foshan children, she also participated in the opening film "city of dreams" shooting work.

Moving links appear in "about last night" - to grassroots projectionist part, including Liu Zhangnan, Huang Shuhui, Liu Guojiang, Chen Pianhong, Liang Fuhou, Wu Tingguang and other 6 insist for a long time at the grassroots level projection projectionist to share the scene of his journey. Liu Zhangnan said, because the love of film, so in order to adhere to the present.

The opening ceremony on the "blessing of new era" in the song, the 4 day Film Festival kicked off, Foshan remake of the film "dream city" as the opening film, was premiered at the film festival. In addition, the festival will also hold rich characteristics of the times theme activities, including the reform and opening up to celebrate the union of 40th anniversary, the construction of Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, to build the Southern Television Center theme and held a "hundred years of Foshan lighting legend" film review show.

This year is the year of the award ceremony. Volkswagen hundred flowers film festival was founded in the direct advocacy and care of Premier Zhou Enlai in the next 1962 years, from the beginning of the 2005 year, China Film Golden Rooster Award and popular movie award held in alternate years, held this year is the 34 popular movie hundred flowers awards.

Vice chairman of the 27 national film festival Zhang Hong announced yesterday afternoon, the "Red Sea", "large army action", "wolf", "2 2" "Chinatown Sherlock at" 5 movie nominated for best feature film award; among them, Wu Jing's "wolf" was nominated for Best Story 2 film, best screenplay, best director, best actor, best supporting actor (Wu Gang) and many other awards. While Lin Chaoxian was opened, he directed the "Red Sea" for best picture, best screenplay, best director, best actor (Zhang Yi), best actress (Hai Qing) and other awards, another film "and he directed the Mekong River action" is also nominated for best screenplay, best director, best actor (Zhang Hanyu) and many other awards, it can be said that Wu Jing and super Xian will be the biggest competitor of this award.

It is reported that the thirty-fourth popular movie hundred flowers awards ceremony will be held in Foshan in November 10th.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF015

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