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Mr. Bean flew to Shanghai to show English afternoon tea to share fun behind the scenes

2018-11-08 09:55 beijing evening news TF015

The action comedy film "bean agents 3" last week held a press conference in Shanghai, starring Rowan Atkinson Pro scene appeared, "the British tea" to unlock new skills, showing the most orthodox Black Tea and scone enjoy, while sharing backstage stories, with unique style Atkinson, let the audience feel ahead of the British humor.

As a classic comedy film series "," bean agents since 2003 when the first movie with orthodox British humor captured a large number of fans, do not take the unusual way of Royal agent Jonny Rowan Atkinson has become a world famous comedy image by the audience laugh. The press conference, a 16 minute feature film side fragment exclusive release, a small climax scene atmosphere. It is reported that the film is also integrated into the VR (virtual reality) technology experience plot, show the audience a visual experience of dislocation is full of jokes. The scene, Rowan Atkinson himself with humor, with their performance on the tone, gestures and signs of fans and media interaction, not only in the host's invitation to a live audience, joy shows how to enjoy authentic English afternoon tea, talked about the shooting fun also joked that "the most happy moment fixing". But in addition, he enjoyed most is "bursting point thinking process," he said, regardless of the VR scene, Jonny deliberately retro style agents, are specially designed. That is to say, "bean agents 3" with a strong brand of Rowan Atkinson, he not only participated in the show, also participated in the movie scenes screenwriter, editing work, Rowan also revealed that, in order to film he is "dedicated to the 6 months of physical training."

"3" bean agents November 23rd landed major theaters.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF015

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