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The pH constitution does not exist! Fake diploma "master" Huyou 10 years of these theories to deceive many people

2018-11-08 09:38 beijing evening news TF011

"Want to anti-cancer, eat more alkaline foods!" "High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease? Are acidic.bk blame." "Acidic alkaline body daughter, son." These words are not particularly familiar? In fact, the so-called "acid constitution" argument is false!

Source: San Diego Union Tribune News

Recently, the United States advocated acid constitution "master" Robert O.Young finally planted! 11 2, the California San Diego court Robert O. Young, for a cancer patient 1.05 billion dollars.

Who is this person? He is the founder of the famous "acid constitution theory". He believes that the constitution is divided into acidic pH, the body will cause various diseases including cancer. Want to be healthy, must ensure that the alkaline environment of the body.

In 2002, he published a book called "the pH Miracle: a balanced diet, restore health" of the book, describes the constitution theory of acid-base, later published a series of books, popular all over the world.

However, many people have great interest on his argument even more convinced that some terminally ill patients seem to see hope, expect his "magic" therapy can cure cancer.

Robert O. Young by this theory to earn a lot of money! However, a lie is a lie. To tell the truth, to prosecute sooner or later!

As early as a charge of illegal medical practice 2 years ago, he was in court to admit that he is not what microbiologists, blood disease experts, medical experts, has not received any scientific training. No medical qualifications, but also to buy a fake diploma. He is confident about the head!

Later, Robert O. Young to give up a chemotherapy of cancer patients, using their own original alkaline treatment, resulting in the spread of cancer to 4 -- and this was added in the alkaline treatment, intravenous injection of sodium bicarbonate!

He was fined $105 million! Acid constitution theory has been overthrown. In fact, from the birth of the theory of more than ten years, many domestic and foreign scientists, doctors are stressed that it is a hoax. But online or emerge in an endless stream of rumors......

For example, pH of food table, and advocate "acid alkali daughter, son". Sell some useless pills. In fact, the acid-base constitution, does not exist!

The rumor acid constitution documentary source: BBC

Q: acidic alkaline body more vulnerable to illness, more healthy?

Human blood is slightly alkaline, in the range of 7.35-7.45, was originally a acid-base coexistence condition, there is no single acidic or alkaline environment.

Health management center of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital Authority director Shen Zhixiang said that the search in the database literature authoritative research articles, no acidic or alkaline.

Chemically, we believe that PH 7 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic, but in medicine, the blood pH below 7.2 it already belongs to acidosis is critical, need emergency treatment.

Q: cancer, high blood pressure, ventilation patients are acidic?

Medical research found that tumor tissue surrounding tissue is acidic, but because of human malignant tumors, tumor tissue and its surrounding tissue to become acidic. The acidic organization is only in the local.

Therefore, the acidic physique to the cancer that is reverse causality, untenable. So is the disease such as hypertension and diabetes.

Q: alkaline food can control a boy or girl?

The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University obstetrics director Wan Junhui said: the human body fluid pH adjustment mechanism, maintained in a normal range, partial acid or alkali it means a physical problem, and no oral pH of the food can determine the boy woman to say.

Q: the meat is acidic, eating more will become acidic?

Food is the acid and alkali, but does not mean that eating acidic foods, physical change acid, alkaline foods on the second basic constitution. After food enters the human body, will go through a long and complicated process of digestion.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Department of preventive treatment of director of Chinese medicine Shen Jia said that the human body is to have a strong physiological buffer system, makes the acid-base balance of body.

So you either eat alkaline food, are not enough to change the body's pH.

The acid-base constitution, does not exist!



Source: Beijing evening news comprehensive modern express: clove doctors, CCTV news

Editor: TF011

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