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Acid-base constitution does not exist! Fake diploma "master" flickered for more than 10 years. These theories deceived countless people.

2018-11-08 09:38 beijing evening news TF011

"Want to fight cancer, eat more alkaline food!" "Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease? It's all caused by acid constitution. " "Acid constitution gives birth to daughters, alkaline physique gives birth to sons." Are these words familiar? In fact, the so-called "acid-base constitution" is false.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune News

Recently, the Robert O.Young, the American "master" who advocated the acid-base constitution, was finally planted. In November 2nd, a court in San Diego, California, decided Robert O. Young to compensate a cancer patient for $105 million.

Who is this man? He is the founder of the famous theory of acid-base constitution. He believes that people's physique is acidic and alkaline, and the acidic constitution can lead to various diseases including cancer. If you want to be healthy, you must ensure your body's alkaline environment.

In 2002, he published a book entitled "acid-base miracle: balanced diet and recovery of health", introducing the theory of acid-base constitution, and then publishing a series of books that swept the globe.

However, many people have great interest in this statement, and even believe it. Some patients with incurable diseases seem to see hope and hope that his "miracle therapy" can cure cancer.

Robert O. Young earned a lot of money from this theory. But lies are lies after all. To tell lies, sooner or later, to be accused!

As early as 2 years ago, in a charge of illegal medical practice, he admitted in court that he was not a microbiologist, a hematologist, a medical expert, nor had any scientific training. No medical qualification, even diploma is also bought fake. He is really over confident.

Later, Robert O. Young let a cancer patient give up chemotherapy, using her own original alkaline therapy, which eventually led to the spread of cancer to the 4 stage. The therapy was to add alkaline baking soda to the intravenous drug.

He was fined 105 million dollars. The theory of "acid-base constitution" was also overthrown. In fact, more than ten years since the birth of this theory, many scientists and doctors at home and abroad have emphasized that it is a hoax. But there are endless rumors on the Internet...

For example, the acid-base food list, and advocating "acid born daughter, alkali born son". Sell some useless pills. In fact, the acid and alkaline constitution does not exist at all.

Rumor of "acid-base constitution" documentary source: BBC

Q: is acidic constitution more susceptible to illness and alkaline constitution is healthier?

The blood of human body is slightly alkaline. Between 7.35-7.45, it is a state of acid-base coexistence. There is no single acidic or alkaline constitution.

Shen Zhixiang, director of the health management center of Jiangsu provincial organ hospital, said that in the search of authoritative literature database, there was no research articles on acidic constitution or basic constitution.

Chemically speaking, we think that PH is 7 neutral, less than 7 is acidic, but in medicine, the blood pH below 7.2 is already acidosis. It is a critical illness and needs urgent treatment.

Q: are cancer, hypertension and ventilation patients acidic?

Medical research has found that the tissue around the tumor is acidic, but because the human body produces malignant tumors, the tumor tissue makes its surrounding tissues acidic, and the acidic tissue is only localized.

Therefore, the acid constitution is easy to get cancer. So is hypertension, diabetes and so on.

Q: can alkaline foods control boys and girls?

Wan Junhui, director of obstetrical department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, said: the body fluid has the regulation mechanism of pH and pH, which is maintained within a normal range.

Q: meat is acidic. If you eat too much, will it become acidic?

Food has acid and alkali, but it does not mean eating acidic food. The body will become sour and eat alkaline food, and the physique will become alkaline again. When food enters the human body, it passes through a long and complex digestive process.

Shen Jia, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, director of the Department of preventive medicine, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, said that the body itself has a powerful physiological buffer system, which will cause the body's acid-base balance.

So whether you eat acidic food or alkaline food, it is not enough to change the pH of the body itself.

Acid-base constitution does not exist at all.



Source: Beijing evening news Modern Express comprehensive: clove doctor, CCTV news

Editor: TF011

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