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The mother and daughter gas station employees how to rub things when the driver kneel to apologize to respond?

2018-11-08 09:01 Daily newspaper TF011

In November 5th, seven in the office of Hantai District of Hanzhoung City, a gas station, the staff Deng met a mother and daughter driving Mercedes to refuel, who knows to rub the station anti-collision column, I did not expect the driver to get off and his mother scolded refueling and physical altercations. The entanglement of more than 10 minutes later, the attendant helpless kneel to apologize.

It happened in November 5th at 5 pm, Deng said, when a Mercedes car came ready to refuel, but stopped in the wrong position, so she remind the driver to turn.

Unexpectedly, she let the circle again wrong, back again, did not expect when you turn back to the tanker collision column on the side of the "Deng said, then the car with an older women began to scold her off.

"Just have a car to refuel, I went to busy, did not think she was chased." Deng said, the woman continued to scold her, and hand on her forehead kept that "at the end to poke my eyes on the edge, I couldn't resist not to poke my eyes."

Subsequently, Deng and the woman fought each other up. And then, the car driver with young children out of the car, and the toll station together with the mother to the operating room and started beating xiaodeng. Service station staff after seeing the other came and tried to mediate, and let Deng to the platform to avoid what.

But the mother and daughter did not persuade science staff but went straight to the platform Xiaodeng said she picked up the phone to alarm was the other on the phone and beat the whole process lasted for 10 minutes

6, according to Deng recalled "the driver called to say, I don't apologize to her mother, let people beat me, I'm afraid, he knelt down". You can see from the video, Deng constantly in front of her daughter kneeling kowtow.

On the afternoon of 6, driving a Mercedes driver Xiaohua (a pseudonym) told China Daily said in an interview at the time, saw the mother mouth bleeding, impulse beatings, regret.

"In the beginning I did not react, my mother opened the door to get off." She said, she is on the bus and the attendant thought mother quarrel a few words on the left, did not expect this son out of the car, she got out of the car, and persuade mother to leave, but did not expect the two sides scuffle. Then, the mother into the operating room with the attendant to chase, she holds her son tried to persuade mother to leave, but they have fought together, and she saw her mother mouth bleeding, the impulse will hit the refueling.

"I want her to my mother to apologize, did not expect her out to my knees, I also put a scare." Xiaohua said, then the police rushed to the scene and the matter of mediation.

At present, she has been refueling Ms. Deng's understanding, also for the public to forgive. China Daily reporter from the Hantai Public Security Bureau police seven police station was informed that currently have Ms. Deng Xiaohua understanding, they are now the matter for further investigation.



Source: Daily newspaper

Editor: TF011

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