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Beijing 15 days after heating, residents will remain at room temperature above 18 degrees, not timely ignition complaints

2018-11-08 08:40 beijing morning post TF010

Yesterday, the city's district heating boiler room uniform ignition test run, the residents of the home heating will gradually warm. No. 15 official after heating, residents will be at room temperature maintained at 18 degrees above the temperature.

Fang Feishe

96069 customer service to 120

In the thermal power dispatching center is located in Beijing, Sihui, 96069 heating service management platform has been busy. This year, 96069 customer service center will supply customer service hall increased from 80 to 120 station customer service station, answering rate will increase to 85% to 90%.

The director of the Beijing heat group customer service center ho Ying Na said, has now become the 96069 heating service hotline Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Tongzhou and other 12 cities. Try to start heating "last year at 8 in the morning, a total of 129 single answer hotline. At the same time this year only received a single 64 hotline." The hotline reflect, focus on the basic Paomaodilou complaint, trial operation and consultation, uneven heating problems need to regulate home.

No time to ignition complaints

Beijing city heating Office of the relevant responsible person said, the city management committee will focus on supervision during the trial operation of the heating unit on the ignition trial operation situation, found the problem and urge heating units timely rectification, and good service to users and communication. Don't try to time the ignition heating unit operation and poor quality of service, to conduct interviews, and urge rectification.

The reporter learned that, in order to quickly solve the home heating is not hot, running water Water Leakage problems, residents can be the first time to call a cell phone repair service heating unit. If the heating units are not handled in a timely manner or not timely ignition test run, you can call 12345 telephone complaints for municipal government. The 12345 is also the Beijing municipal heating service supervision of telephone complaints during the assignment operation and try to receive the heating season heating of the heating unit to solve the city management committee, city and district heating units for handling complaints situation will be carried out supervision, strict examination.

This winter, Beijing City area heating area is expected to reach 870 million square meters, an increase of about 30 million square meters more than last year; the city's urban centralized heating basically clean heating. The heat of the preparatory work is now ready, the area of the boiler room and the cogeneration unit has completed equipment maintenance, 266 old district heating pipe network transformation, Pinggu, Miyun, Yanqing 6 coal gas boiler has heating conditions of residents. The city's 28 heating emergency rescue team, more than 800 people have entered the standby state.

4 peaks of boiler debugging

The heating season, as the city's largest heating unit of Beijing heating group has been to 77 of the old district were hidden on the 45 heating transformation, unstable quality residential renovation carried out heating equipment and facilities. At present, all projects have been completed the transformation. In addition, the Shuangyushu heating plant, heating plant, Fangzhuang Zuojiazhuang heating plant, heating plant in 4 peaks of Malaysia heating plant for the boiler equipment comprehensive inspection and commissioning, timely start to peak in the face of strong cooling weather, to ensure the needs of users with heat.

Beijing gas group has completed the winter for the security work of in pipe network, gas box and other facilities Mopai, maintenance work, ensure the equipment intact rate 100%. During the heating season, Beijing Gas Group will cooperate with the city management committee to further improve the oil and the city "plan butt", "gas power" the FBI for the two platform operation mechanism, actively communicate with PetroChina, China Beijing Electric Power Corporation, North China Center and gas-fired power plants, cogeneration plant, complete the precise docking of natural gas and power supply plan, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system.



Source: Beijing morning news Wang Ping

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